Skygaze: Building the "For You" feed on Bluesky

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In case you missed their public launch last week, Bluesky is a Twitter alternative that provides an open marketplace of feeds and lets users choose which ones they want to use. Skygaze makes a feed for Bluesky—it's like if the Twitter feed was a separate product; that's what Skygaze is. Skygaze's feed is the most popular choice and is now a default for all new Bluesky users.

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Our ask

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Bluesky’s feed marketplace is possible because it’s built on a new protocol that decouples the components of social media. Just as Skygaze makes a feed, any other developer could build a user interface, moderation service, analytics tool, etc., and make it available to all Bluesky users. We’re hosting a hackathon to jumpstart more developers building cool stuff on the protocol. If you know anyone interested in building products that touch 4m+ users, please send them the link: https://skygaze.io/hack

Problem + Solution

We joined Bluesky when there were fewer than 10k users; it felt like a group chat with our corner of the internet. But as more folks joined, we stopped seeing posts from the people we cared about. We made the For You feed to connect users to the people and content they love even as the network continues to grow rapidly around them.


We’re three technical cofounders who met while studying computer science and math at Duke. Before starting Skygaze, Cooper was building trading systems at Bridgewater, Jett was leading an ML team at IBM, and Adithya was building large-scale ML systems for fraud detection at Abnormal Security.