🚀 Infinity - Business banking for cross-border SMBs and startups

Infinity is a single platform to manage finances for cross-border business.


Infinity simplifies banking for global businesses. It enables cross-border Indian companies to conduct transactions and receive payments in local currencies. Additionally, Infinity offers an in-house treasury management solution, allowing businesses to earn yield on idle cash and mitigate FX risks.

Hey everyone! We’re Sourav and Sidharth and we're building a business banking platform for cross-border SMBs and Startups. In our past jobs, we worked as founders, wealth managers, growth hackers, and founding engineers at high-growth fintech startups.

🤔 Problem

Business banking is difficult. More so if you are global. Cross-border payments pose several challenges due to the complexities involved in transferring funds across different countries and jurisdictions.

Global payments are expensive
One of the more basic issues with FX transactions is the lack of transparency in terms of the cost to execute FX payments. These costs can include wire transfer fees, correspondent bank fees, currency conversion fees, and intermediary fees, among others. While existing market providers might stress that one factor is low (lower than that of a competitor), that same institution might have high fees in another area, offsetting those savings.

In general for every dollar a business moves from the US to India, business loses 7%.

Global payments are slow
In the majority of instances, international bank transfers are facilitated via the SWIFT network. This network ensures the transmission of your payment to its intended recipient. Nevertheless, the path isn't always direct. Certain payments may be routed through intermediaries, often referred to as correspondent banks, akin to making multiple connecting flights before reaching your final destination.

Generally speaking, international bank transfers will arrive within one to five working days.

There’s a compliance risk
Each transaction must be promptly reported to the Central Bank of India, accompanied by the correct invoice and purpose codes (of which there are numerous variations), sign-off from chartered accountants, etc. Failure to comply with these requirements can result in payment delays extending for months.

And There’s a FX risk
The conversion rates between USD and INR are variable.

What you receive today may differ from what you get in five days. If a business converts USD to INR five days from now and the dollar weakens, it will incur losses.

🤩 The Solution

Introducing Infinity!
Streamline global customers and suppliers’ payments with local accounts.

1) Multiple local currency accounts - one platform: Easily send, hold, and receive funds in major currencies to facilitate transactions with overseas suppliers and customers.
2) Flat Fee - with zero FX markup: Be fully transparent about the charges you incur. Receive a comprehensive breakdown of fees before each transaction to avoid any surprises.
3) Fast, same-day international money transfer: Track your payment in real time.
4) Treasury service to hedge FX: Earn higher yields on idle cash without worrying about liquidity and underlying asset risk.
5) Instant remittance certificate: You move money. Infinity will take care of compliance.

Our long-term vision is to be the financial operating system for businesses by automating daily financial tasks, allowing them to focus on what matters most.

😎 Team

Sourav and Sidharth are siblings. This is their second startup together. Back in 2016, they co-founded health tech startup ClinMD.

Sourav was Head of the growth and product team at Paytm Money (India's largest wealth management platform). He also successfully launched India's first FD-backed credit card.

Sidharth is a finance & tech geek. He spearheaded the In-app purchase module for the Amazon Appstore, utilized by app developers to monetize digital content globally. He successfully scaled systems to manage 100 million daily requests during his time at Paytm and MakeMyTrip.

🙏 Our Ask

If you want to try us out or to know how to manage your cash, please reach out to us. We’d love to give you a demo of how Infinity works, and even if not, we’d be happy to help you figure out your cash management situation.

Say hi at sourav@infinityapp.in or sid@infinityapp.in or Whatsapp at +91-9535482864 👋🏻

And we’ll help you get started!

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