Upsolve AI

🐳 Upsolve AI - The new way to build and offer analytics to your customers

Build customer-facing analytics that get your users to take in-product actions and become obsessed with your product!

🏆 Tl;dr:

Upsolve AI helps companies build and offer analytics to their customers, with AI answering any additional data questions. Ship analytics using an AI-powered builder, and embed them as native frontend components in your product. The dashboard shows your customers insights about your product and guides them with action recommendations to boost your product’s effectiveness. For example, marketing companies use Upsolve to help users optimize their campaigns, and fintech companies use it to help users manage their accounts. Watch our demo!

💯 The Team

Together, Ka Ling and Serguei have over 15 years of experience in data engineering and analytics. We took Palantir's Hyperauto (mentioned in Palantir's DPO S-1) from inception to launch, scaling the product to serve more than 50 enterprise customers in less than 2.5 years and generating eight figures in annual revenue.

Having experienced firsthand the challenges of building customer-facing analytics at startups and working alongside users from over 100 companies, including Fortune 10 (we’ve been on the frontlines at factories and assembly lines with users!), we're determined to simplify data analytics. That's why we created Upsolve AI - to automate and augment analytics. We're committed to ensuring that no business is limited by its analytics-building capabilities and enabling every end user to make informed decisions based on their data.

❌ The Problem

🔨 Building customer-facing analytics is hard: As a founder or SaaS product owner, you understand the importance of data-driven decision-making. However, developing customer-facing analytics dashboards that empower your end users to make decisions requires expertise and can get complex.

Traditional dashboards go stale and are highly restrictive: Customers need customized and dynamic analytics to fully understand their unique state of the world. Traditional dashboards quickly lose value and become outdated as customers seek analytics customization, leading to frequent ad-hoc data cuts and reporting requests, causing operational friction.

⚙️ Seeing analytics doesn’t mean better action: Your customers are likely slammed with data from various products and services that they consume and, as a result experiencing decision paralysis due to information overload.

Building effective analytics becomes a strain on your engineering resources, hindering user engagement, retention, and revenue growth.

📈 The Solution

🛠️ Build fast

Using Upsolve AI, you can build customer-facing analytics dashboards simply by asking questions or via point-and-click, and theme them to your company’s design system.

🚀 Instantly deploy

Once that is built, you can embed the dashboard natively in your product as a React or Vue component. “WYSIWYG”, the dashboard will look like it’s been built from scratch by your software engineers and will seamlessly fit into your existing design system.

❤️ Help your customers

Your customers can ask questions of the data and customize their own version of the dashboard based on their unique needs. Upsolve AI will also guide them with analytics insights and in-platform actions. Customers will appreciate what your product is doing well for them and will make the most of it, without your team lifting a finger.

🔐 Enterprise security

Coming from Palantir, we understand the importance of keeping your data secure. Upsolve secures your data in transit and at rest and supports multi-tenancy support that works natively with your existing auth system. Simply drop the Upsolve SDK into your auth flow and users will see the version of their dashboard that’s configured for them.

🙏 Ask

We are live with our customers now! If you are looking to build your customer-facing analytics in your product, email kaling.wu@upsolve.ai to try Upsolve AI.

If you know any B2B business in your network that’s looking to unlock their customer-facing analytics and reporting capability, we would greatly appreciate any warm introductions using the above email as well!