Dart - AI-powered project management

The AI tool that will save you seven hours per week in project management overhead


Dart is a fully-featured project management tool that uses AI to assist with roadmap planning, report generation, breaking tasks into subtasks, and executing on basic writing and design tasks. Teams use Dart in order to plan better and eliminate regular PM chores from their schedule, freeing up seven hours per week to focus on other work.

The problem

It's critical for teams to have some sort of project management system that works in order to stay organized and keep making progress. The issues arise when that project management process begins to take up an undue amount of time. Common processes like filling out and categorizing tasks, writing PRDs, cleaning out the backlog, and other ‘work about work’ are seen as simply the cost of doing business when using legacy tools.


Dart provides a more intelligent project management suite that will save each person on your team seven hours a week in standard PM busywork. In addition to best-in-class management for tasks, documents, roadmaps, calendars, and more, Dart also boosts your productivity with a suite of helpful AI enhancements.


These AI functions include:

- Automatic standup, changelog, and project report generation

- Roadmap planning

- Duplicate task detection

- Subtask generation

- Automatic Task execution with agents (currently for writing and design tasks)

- Task categorization and filling (e.g. automatically assigning tasks to the right person)

- AI-powered brainstorming

- ChatGPT integration

Our Ask

Try it out! Dart is freely available to use now and start managing tasks with your team. We'd love to support and are always welcome to ideas or feedback.