Roe AI

Roe AI - A new data warehouse for unstructured data

What if you can process any data in this world, what would you do?


Roe AI is the next-generation data warehouse that uses AI to process unstructured data like natural language, documents, images, and structured tabular data. We came from Snowflake, so we know how it enables companies to get value out of their data and we are here to help get value from even more, harder-to-reach data.

Who it’s for:

If you work with data, you should check us out!

Connect your data - Roe AI supports various unstructured data types - natural languages, documents, websites, images, videos, etc. Connect with your data sources from S3, Snowflake, Databricks, and many more.

Create smart, multi-modal agents - Create a powerful, customizable AI agent within 30 seconds.

Query your data with SQL - apply AI agents on unstructured data using SQL queries + natural language!

👩‍💻 A data scientist’s 3 minutes

9:30AM Monday, San Francisco.

Anna, the data scientist at Oak Ventures, needs to understand this YC batch to help GPs make investment decisions in YC W24.

9:31 AM. Anna logs onto Roe AI data warehouse, where she has collected tens of thousands of crawled homepages and pitch decks from startups.

From those data, Anna hopes to find who these startups are selling to, market size, and revenue. More importantly, Anna only wants to target YC-backed startups because they’re the best.

9:32 AM. Anna wrote a simple SQL with some English.

The query finishes within 6 seconds. She sees the results of over 200 YC W24 companies and their ICP, TAM, and ARR extracted from the pitch decks. Moreover, Anna checks out the pitch deck side by side to assist her analysis!

Now it’s 9:33 AM.

Anna’s Monday is just getting started, but she has achieved so much, so she decides to pour herself some coffee while enjoying the data magic of Roe AI.

❓Why a new data warehouse?

20% of data is structured; what about the remaining 80%? Transcripts, Images, documents, videos, audio, people call it unstructured data.

We interviewed data teams across industries, and 85%+ of them are just leveraging that 20%! Based on that partial view, they need to make business-critical decisions. This is wrong! But why??

High barrier to leveraging AI on Data: processing unstructured data requires a lot of AI. But today’s AI infra like GCP, Databricks, and AWS require heavy MLOps knowledge plus ~18 weeks of eng time.

Incomplete data warehouse solutions: the data warehouse solutions today - Snowflake, Redshift, Databricks, are made specifically for structured data - numbers, text enums, booleans, JSON, but not for images, documents, videos, audio and many more!

That’s why we built Roe AI, the next-generation data warehouse for unstructured and structured data powered by Gen AI

👋 Meet the team: Richard & Jason

I’m Richard, I’ve been dedicating my life to data for the last 8 years

Starting from UC Berkeley, I researched OSM data with Berkeley’s supercomputers and graduated with a CS and stats double degree. At LinkedIn, I helped build the infra for the world’s largest economic graph, connecting the world’s best talent with dream jobs.

At Snowflake, I led the Gen AI initiative and created the first AI data copilot on Snowflake. We tuned open-source LLM from the ground up and served AI data copilot to hundreds of Fortune 2000 customers on their enterprise data workloads.

I'm Jason. The last 7 years of my career are dedicated to building the most scalable infrastructure

I also began my journey at UC Berkeley, graduating with a CS and Applied Maths double degree. At Meta, I contributed to the largest ML infrastructure on earth and developed high-performance optimization and graph algorithms, supporting thousands of ML models and hundreds of ML teams.

At Robinhood and Retool, I led the infrastructure and DevOps team and built the infrastructure foundation to support tens of thousands of enterprise applications running on the Retool platform.

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