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🧑‍⚕️ Andy AI - Faster clinical documentation for home health nurses

Agencies see timely & accurate documentation and happier nurses.

Hi everyone, we’re Tiantian and Max, the founders of Andy.

Andy completes clinical documentation for nurses doing home health visits.

What is home health?

Skilled nursing in the home is a booming business, on track to double to $250B in by 2031. Better outcomes, lower costs, and aligned with patient preferences: it’s no surprise large insurers are scooping up home health providers.

The problem: too much charting

On the ground, however, we’re seeing widespread burnout among nurses. The worst part of the job is documentation, which can take 90 minutes for a single patient and costs agencies $8B per year. Agencies that employ these nurses struggle to submit high-quality documentation in a timely manner, which is hurting their top line.

The solution: an AI scribe

Andy is an AI-powered ambient scribe designed specifically for home health nurses. Nurses record their visits using their Andy app and receive a chart completed by Andy straight into their EHR. With Andy, the 90-minute documentation process is now a 15-minute review.

Meet Team Andy

We’re a healthcare & AI team focused on pressing public health challenges. America’s rapidly aging population needs home health. We’re building tools to restore joy & connection to the profession.

  • Tiantian Zha previously led an AI and robotics project at Google Life Sciences to eliminate mosquito-borne diseases, a public health challenge affecting 400M people each year.
  • Max Akhterov previously built health AI algorithms for the Apple Watch, including the passive detection of atrial fibrillation which is running on 50M devices.

How you can help

Do you know any home health operators? Please share Andy to help them get accurate documentation done on time!