Adagy Robotics

Adagy Robotics: Rescuing robots 🤖🆘

A 24/7 remote intervention service for your robots.

Hi all! We’re Ros and Kathleen of Adagy Robotics, and we’re here to rescue your robots!

🗣️TL;DR: Adagy is a remote intervention service for robots

Our Ask

  • 🤖 If you’re at a robotics company or a robotics integrator: schedule a demo with us, or let us know why you wouldn’t! founders@adagyrobotics.com
  • 🤝 If you know people in robotics, robotic integration, logistics or manufacturing companies: we’d like warm intros for anyone who works at a robotics company, a company that does automation integration, or anyone who works with robots in logistics or manufacturing.

The Problem 😳

We love robots, but they fail often. For example, a robot might get stuck in tall grass because it interprets the grass in the same way it might interpret a chain link fence – catastrophically impenetrable!

This problem is painful for end users – a farmer who has just spent $100k on an autonomous tractor doesn’t want to stop work to tell the robot 🗣️ “that’s not a fence” 🗣️ every 4 hours.

This problem is painful for robotics companies – they want to be able to sell robots that work, but it can take many years of R&D to get to 99.999% reliability. Robotics companies are used to getting angry calls from customers – or worse, selling a robot that collects dust because it’s too unreliable.

The Solution 👀

Adagy Robotics is a 24/7 remote intervention service for your robots. When your robot fails, it can call out to Adagy over our API. Our trained operators will take over and drive your robot back to a stable state, and then resume autonomous operation. With Adagy, customers won’t even notice that a robot has failed, but robotics companies will be able to learn from the data collected during those failures.

With a safeguard like Adagy in place, robotics companies can deploy and scale robots earlier.

Safety and trust are at the core of our business:

  1. We notify site staff before taking control of the robot.
  2. We provide incident reports after each rescue.
  3. We maintain an auditable log of all failures and the actions taken by our operators.
  4. We proactively highlight repeat failures.

Initially, we'll be doing all interventions manually.  In the future we will layer in our own ML models to help the human drivers be more efficient and accurate, to do predictive failure prevention, and offer a software-only ‘supervisor’ to our customers.

Meet the Founders 💅🏻

We met while working at Boston Dynamics on the Spot robot. At BD, Ros engineered the algorithms to control Spot’s arm and gripper. Kathleen went on to work at Tesla, developing an end-to-end machine learning approach for Tesla’s humanoid’s arms and hands.

We’re excited to join forces again because we love robots and want to see them succeed! We are building Adagy Robotics because reliability is critical to the success of the robotics industry.

✉️ Email us at founders@adagyrobotics.com or schedule a 15-minute chat.