Ploomber: Heroku for AI

A platform to deploy AI and data applications quickly

tl;dr; Ploomber is a cloud platform that quickly deploys container-based AI and data applications (Streamlit, Shiny, Panel, Flask, FastAPI, etc.)

Hey all! We're Eduardo and Ido from Ploomber, and we're excited to launch our cloud platform!


With the rise of AI and data, many companies are deploying applications whose requirements differ from typical web applications. The most common differences are larger computational resources and libraries that many PaaS platforms do not allow to install (case in point: one of our customers migrated to our platform after several failed attempts to install a C++ library required for their Python app to run). These restrictions hinder the ability of many companies to ship complex AI and data applications.

Our Solution

Our container-based platform provides greater flexibility when deploying applications: you can quickly provision more resources and install anything your app requires to run.

We provide official support for frameworks like Streamlit, Shiny, Panel, Flask, and FastAPI, but you can use any framework you want.

We also provide a feature that stops your application automatically if it doesn't receive traffic and starts it again on an incoming request; this offers significant savings for many of our customers who deploy low-traffic applications.

How it works

You can deploy applications with the UI or via the command-line interface (you can also use the CLI to deploy on each commit to your git repository).

Live examples

Arxiv Chat: a chatbot that allows you to search, ask questions, and download papers from Arxiv.

Analytical dashboard built with Panel.

Flask app with user authentication and API key management.

Try it out!

Create an account and check our documentation to get started!

We can help you migrate!

If you already deployed an application, we can help you migrate at no cost! Please email us at contact@ploomber.io! We also have discounts for the YC community, so contact us!