⚡️ CrowdVolt - StockX for live event tickets

Exchange tickets to see your favorite DJs, electronic music shows and festivals!

Tl;dr CrowdVolt ⚡️ lets fans resell tickets to events, starting with raves & EDM concerts. We are a social, bid/ask style marketplace with counterparty security and favorable financing terms.

The problem

The secondary ticketing marketplace is fundamentally broken. Fees have skyrocketed, while the user experience has deteriorated. As giants such as Ticketmaster and SeatGeek have moved towards lucrative primary sales in partnership with large venues, they have disenfranchised a whole class of live event attendees.

Many have naturally aggregated themselves on grey markets on legacy social media platforms (think Facebook marketplace and Reddit) to avoid institutional barriers and attempt to find better pricing/execution. These social platforms are not designed to house this type of exchange.

🔥  Our solution – the StockX of tickets (StockX uses a bid/ask style model for collectible sneakers and streetwear)

  • A two-sided marketplace for tickets: buyers can opt to “buy now” or bid, while sellers can opt to “sell now” or ask for a higher price, all with a publicly viewable transaction book
  • Counterparty security: CrowdVolt intermediates transactions with secure payment processing, avoiding fraudulent activity and scams; third-party issued tickets are automatically transferred between counterparties
  • Social: gone are the days of buying or selling from an anonymous blue dot on Ticketmaster; concerts are communal events meant to be experienced with others, so we’ve made buying and selling a social experience with social media integration and messaging
  • Financing: sellers do not wait until event occurrence to receive payouts, but rather receive payment within days, alleviating the cash flow burden

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🌃 Background

Josh and Max grew up down the street from each other, while Aria and Josh met in college. We have diverse professional backgrounds across tech, finance, and consulting, but a common love for EDM (Aria is also a DJ, having played at iconic New York venues including the Williamsburg Hotel and Virgo Night Club in front of crowds numbering 2k+). We are avid attendees of this genre of events (80+ in 2023), and know the secondary marketplace experience through the existing mediums is poor, so have opted to rebuild it ourselves.

A few years ago…


Our ask 🙏

We’ve started in our hometown, New York, with our favorite genre of music, and will look to expand to other geographies and primary point of sale in the future.

  • If you know anyone working in the live events space – ranging from artists to event managers to promoters – let us know! We’d love to connect.
  • If you’re a fan of dance music, festivals, or raves (or have friends who are!) – hit us up at founders@crowdvolt.com!
  • Sign up now at https://www.crowdvolt.com if you’re in New York, or join the waitlist for your city at https://www.crowdvolt.com/waitlist!