Frigade – Growth platform for modern software teams

Frigade is a low-code tool for building product growth loops


Frigade is a low-code tool for building product growth loops. It comes with pre-built React UI components, a web app, and flexible APIs. Our customers use Frigade to build product growth experiences similar to those used by companies like Notion, Github, and Mercury.


Founding Story

Our team first met at LinkedIn where we built internal tooling to help accelerate company growth. Turns out many of the best companies in the valley also had large growth teams dedicated to building the same powerful tooling.

These platforms made it easier to ship new experiences with functionality like user targeting, air traffic control, state management, admin tooling, and much more.

However, many companies lack the resources to develop this kind of tool. With Frigade, we are building the growth platform we wished we had everywhere we’ve worked since LinkedIn, and we’re making it available to all teams.


What kind of experiences can Frigade power?

  • Onboarding forms — like Typeform, but native
  • Product checklists for user activation
  • Guided tours for feature adoption
  • Announcements for engagement and adoption
  • House Ads to nudge users toward upgrades and adoption
  • Surveys for user research and account enrichment
  • Custom Flows to power unique in-app experiences


How does Frigade work?

Frigade combines React components, an admin dashboard, and flexible APIs to allow teams to build growth loops, faster.

React UI Components

Frigade includes a library of beautiful, pre-built React UI components based on industry best practices. Our components are fully customizable to your brand and product so they feel seamless.

Web App

Frigade’s web app helps technical and non-technical users alike with user targeting, performance metrics, user and account progress, and more. Frigade integrations help you connect tools like Mixpanel and Segment with a few clicks.

Flexible APIs

The Frigade API is designed to give teams full control over their experience, unlike rigid no-code tools. Teams can even use our APIs to build fully custom Flows.


Our asks:

  • Sign up for free at frigade.com to get started
  • Grab a demo with our team here to discuss your use cases