OneGrep — Reduce Observability costs and resolve incidents faster

OneGrep makes observability efficient and actionable for fast-moving teams.

TL;DROneGrep is every engineer’s dedicated Observability Copilot. OneGrep helps engineers resolve incidents 10X faster and more efficiently. We do this by fine-tuning LLMs with real-time telemetry as well as knowledge bases that engineers use to operate their production systems.

Teams can deploy OneGrep on their own infrastructure or use our cloud. If you are an engineer, we invite you to try us out! onegrep.dev/try


Every engineering team struggles with observability cost bloat and incident management when they are moving fast.

Why Does This Happen?

🔨 — Engineers find it hard to instrument code effectively and they make unintentional, costly mistakes.

📲 — On-call engineers find mitigating incidents to be very difficult because it is hinged on tribal knowledge and tool know-how.

  • Engineers spend 25% of their time on on-call-related work, which equates to companies spending ~$61,000 per engineer for on-call work  — and that’s not including the DataDog bill.

TL;DR — Engineers struggle to find answers using observability and pay a lot for unintentional mistakes.

✅ Solution — Have your cake & eat it too

Engineers can use OneGrep to make telemetry actionable and efficient.

Here’s a 13-second example of OneGrep cutting noisy logs by 50% and saving a team thousands of dollars:

And here is an example of OneGrep helping an engineer automatically resolve an incident — ✔️ gone are the days of reading through retros, parsing logs, or pinging the entire team:


Cut costs & resolve incidents faster with OneGrep.


Who We Are

We are Achintya & Brian. We have applied telemetry best practices to highly distributed systems at Coinbase, DisneyPlus, AWS, Tableau, & Goldman Sachs. We hated our daily struggle with observability and we know how and why other engineers do too. We share the plight of all engineers who have struggled and continue to struggle with noisy alerts at 2 AM.

So, in the pursuit of helping engineers sleep more soundly knowing their systems are operational, we are on a mission to build the new way to do Observability.

— Brian & Achintya inspecting the Y Combinator sign for any errant logs.

➡️ Our Asks

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