Fume - AI SWE that solves bugs within Slack

A Slack bot that you can assign software tickets and get full PRs in response

TL;DR You can tag @Fume under any feature or bug ticket in Slack. Fume will make a plan, write code, and submit a PR in minutes. Try it now! No waitlist. No 'contact sales'.

Hey folks! We are Emre and Mete. We’re currently building Fume to automate the boring parts of developing software. Before that, we were roommates in high school and partners in crime, building fighting bots.


Not every software task requires human creativity. Some are just boring and have to be done. Engineers end up procrastinating on them at the cost of user experience. On the other hand, doing them costs companies thousands of dollars every year.

🤩 Not Anymore

Fume automates mundane software work like fixing bugs, error logs, or minor features through Slack. A non-technical team member can send screenshots & reproduction steps for a bug and an engineer can tag @Fume to solve it within minutes without opening a code editor.

🙏 Our Ask

Give Fume a try right now! Go to fumedev.com and enjoy the free trial. If you think you are not ready to start using Fume, tell a friend about it 😉

If you are in a larger organization but want to try Fume in your team, contact me at emre@fumedev.com.