Anakin's Product Extractor - One API to scrape any eCommerce page

Extract product data like price, specifications, variants from any eCommerce product page with a single API call

Hey everyone,

Scraping data from eCommerce websites can be a daunting task. You're stuck writing custom codes for each site, battling proxies, and when a site changes its UI, your automation breaks completely. We faced this problem firsthand while building a pricing assistant for online eCommerce companies. We realized we had to scrape 1000s of different eCommerce websites, and existing tools just didn't cut it.

Our Solution:

Anakin’s Product Extractor is a tool that extracts data from any eCommerce product page into JSON, fully automatically. No more custom codes or broken automation! Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter the URL of the eCommerce product page
  2. Our tool automatically extracts all the relevant data
  3. Receive the data in a clean, structured JSON format on the webpage and on email

It takes 1 to 5 minutes to get this data, but we didn’t optimize for this, since our customers told us that instant results were not a necessity. Feel free to leave the webpage if it takes more than a minute, and we will email you the results when done.

Our Ask:

We’re eager to know if Anakin’s Product Extractor is something that could make your life easier. If you’ve faced similar web scraping challenges, we’d love to do a quick 15-minute call with you! Please reach out to us at mohit@anakin.company or book a call directly on our Calendly. We have also rolled out an API which I hope you will find interesting. Your feedback will be super valuable in shaping the next steps of our product.

We’ve also built another tool where you can enter the name of an eCommerce website, and it will crawl within the website to fetch all the products and their data for you in a structured format. If you want to try it out, book a demo here.

Thank you!
Mohit Prateek