💰 PartnerHQ - Buy warm intros to your prospects

We are a marketplace for B2B businesses to buy warm intros.

tl;dr: PartnerHQ makes it easy for B2B businesses to turn intros into more sales. For individuals with large networks, we provide paid opportunities to connect companies with people in their network.

Hi everyone! We are Stan and Kat, and we’re building PartnerHQ. We’re on a mission to help companies sell more through warm intros.

❌ The Problem: Cold Outbound is Dying

Selling is harder than ever.

Modern founders are facing modern problems:

  • An average B2B company sends 306 cold emails to get 1 lead.
  • Email providers like Gmail have lowered email spam report thresholds to 0.3% before your domain’s deliverability rate is compromised.
  • LinkedIn limits you to 100-200 messages per week.
  • Competition is fiercer than ever. True product differentiation is hard to find and harder to sustain in an age of plummeting software costs.

🎉 The Solution: Warm Intros = Sales

So how can you stand out and book more sales calls with buyers?

Easy - with a warm intro through one of their personal connections.

In addition to helping you book calls, warm intros also buy you trust, the key to successful sales.

84% of B2B buyers start the purchasing process with a referral, and sales close 46% faster when a partner is involved.

⚙️ How it Works

PartnerHQ is a marketplace where B2B businesses can find and buy introductions.

PartnerHQ is for you if:

  • You're tired of asking your own network for intros and favors.
  • VCs are pressuring you to sell to larger companies.
  • Cold outbound isn't working.

To get started:

  1. Describe your Ideal Customer Profile. Specify what types of people you would like an intro to.
  2. Set your bounty. Decide how much you will pay for an intro to your ideal buyer. The average bounty on PartnerHQ is $500 per intro.
  3. Watch your inbox. Respond to intro emails and book sales calls with engaged prospects.

🙏 Asks:

Interested in hitting your revenue targets? Learn more: https://trypartnerhq.com/

Interested in getting paid to make intros? Learn more: https://trypartnerhq.com/earn

Interested in investing? Email us at founders@trypartnerhq.com