🇨🇭nsave 🔒 - Trusted $€£ account abroad for people from unstable economies.

Helping people from countries where inflation in high and banking is broken protect their money and access safe financial services.

Hello! Amer from nsave here.

nsave opens a trusted $€£ account abroad for people from unstable economies.

Why? 🔥

I grew up in Syria and saw my family lose their life savings due to inflation and the inability to open a safe bank account abroad after the war.

Unfortunately, when you come from a distressed country, banks label you as a "high-risk" client and, in most cases, refuse to provide banking services.

I worked abroad in the black market for two years, and when I had to move again, I traveled with my savings in cash, literally strapped to my body.

I had no choice. And like me, there are 700 million people globally who don't have access to safe banking purely because of their origin. This is wrong.

That's why we started nsave. Because everyone deserves the right to protect their hard-earned money in a safe place, regardless of where they come from.

Who are we? 😃

Amer (CEO), and Abdallah (CTO), two Rhodes Scholars who grew up in Damascus and Gaza and had destiny bring us to meet in Oxford. Together with an incredible team, we are on a mission to build a more inclusive global financial system.

Collectively, we have experience in banking, regulatory compliance, and fintech and have worked for Morgan Stanley, Revolut, EY, Checkout, BNYM, Microsoft, and Robinhood.

Our ask 🙏

  • Help spread the word: tell your friends from Lebanon 🇱🇧, Egypt 🇪🇬, Argentina 🇦🇷, or similar countries 🌍 that suffer from high inflation about nsave.
    • Quick blurb to copy & paste: The nsave team 🇨🇭 is on a mission to provide trusted $€£ accounts abroad to people from unstable economies. Check them out at www.nsave.com.
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Our hope is to help as many people as possible. And if you are among the fortunate ones who don't need an nsave account, I hope you will support us in our endeavour.



Co-Founder & CEO