Parasale - AI recruiter, find and engage candidates on autopilot

Meet Parasale, your AI recruiter!

TL;DRParasale sources, engages, and schedules calls with quality candidates, so you don’t have to. By handling everything up to the first call, Parasale saves you from the tedious work of composing outbound emails and lets you focus on interviewing and closing candidates.

Our Ask

If you’re actively hiring and are having trouble fitting sourcing into your day-to-day, please reach out to josh@parasale.io!

We’d love to help you find quality candidates without lifting a finger.

The Problem

Sourcing is tedious and expensive today!

To close one candidate, you may need to reach out to 100 people, phone screen 10 of them, onsite interview 3 and extend an offer to 1. Just like sales, recruiting is a numbers and timing game. You need to connect with enough people who are in the market for a new role to close just one candidate. This is why sourcing high-quality candidates at the top of the funnel is often the most time-intensive step in the hiring pipeline.

Often, a sourcer juggles finding candidates for multiple roles. It’s a tedious job, cycling through pages and pages on LinkedIn and personalizing each candidate's message.

We believe an AI Recruiter can find and engage candidates as well as a human sourcer, saving time and money.

How it Works

Parasale will:

  1. Ingest your job postings
  2. Present you with a set of initial candidates to outreach for each open position
  3. Craft personalized messages to each candidate
  4. Send the outreach
  5. Schedule a phone screen based on your schedule

Why We’re Building This

We were both early engineers at Gem (S17), the market leader in sourcing tools. We’ve seen firsthand how time- and cost-prohibitive sourcing is and how it’s often limited to only the highest priority roles. Yet, it can really scale a stellar team when it’s done well.

We believe now is the right time to build an AI Recruiter. We can fully reimagine the recruiting stack from the ground up with AI.

Meet the Team

Josh was an engineering manager at Gem where he managed the core sourcing team and built talent marketing functionality. He was previously an engineer at Uber and graduated from Stanford with a BS in Computer Science.

Jet was the 2nd engineer at Gem where he built and scaled all aspects of the product. He has a particular fondness for building Chrome extensions. He was previously an engineer at ClassDojo and Amazon. He holds a BS and MEng in Computer Science from MIT.