Dawn - Analytics for AI products

We transform user requests and model outputs into metrics you actually care about.

Hey everyone!

I’m Zubin, from dawn. Excited to share what we’ve (me, Ben, & Alexis) been building.

Dawn is analytics for AI products. We transform user inputs and model outputs into metrics you care about, letting you make meaning out of billions of tokens.

AI Companies love us for

  • User Segmentation: automatically group users by behavior
  • Understanding Churn: see how requests (or responses) cause users to churn
  • Categorizing Search Requests: tag user requests + use categories in-app
  • Content Moderation: identify + remove harmful content
  • Flagging Bad Responses: track user requests that are vague, don’t match the source language, or anything else
  • Track any use case: discover categories from unstructured data

(It's not just for Al companies. Dawn can categorize just about anything! — contact us to chat)

How it Works

  1. 3 lines to integrate: with one line of code, you can start sending user data from your app to dawn (and even get back categorizations!)
  2. Define categories: Dawn automatically discovers categories from your raw data. You can also define your own. You can delete, edit, reorganize, and create new categories at any time.
  3. Self-improving, on the fly: Dawn constantly gets better at understanding your data. 
A simple feedback interface gives your team visibility and control over categorization.
  4. Connects to your existing analytics: we have plugins for Snowflake, Mixpanel, Slack, Amplitude, and more -- so you can track whatever you want, wherever you want.

**What early users say about us:**
“I’m feeling a total a-ha moment with this. Truly cool to see.” - Gabriel Birnbaum, Can of Soup

Let’s work together
Reach out at zk@dawnai.com, or sign up for a demo here. We’d love to hear from you!