Autotab: Digital robot to do your repetitive work — for $1/hour

Autotab can run thousands of steps with 98%+ reliability, 24/7/365 (no lunch breaks needed)

TLDR: Hire Autotab to do your repetitive work for you, starting at just $1/hour. Autotab is a digital robot that learns like a human—just demonstrate how to perform the task once.

Today, Autotab reliably handles complex tasks with 1000s of steps, saving users hours each day. Sign up here to request early access to Autotab!


“I love clicking and typing the same things over and over again,” said no one ever.

Nobody likes repetitive work, clicking and typing the same thing over and over again. But writing software to automate it is often too expensive or simply not possible. So we’ve had to do suck it up and grind through (or pay someone else to)—until now.


Autotab is a desktop app for teaching AI to do the work you don’t want to do. You simply show it how to do the task once, and Autotab uses AI to learn how to do it for you. Once it has learned a task, Autotab can do it as many times as you want, 24/7/365. No lunch breaks needed.

Autotab is built for real work: It excels at tasks that are repetitive, such as doing the same thing for every item in a list, and complex, e.g., involving many steps across different software applications. Autotab currently is able to do any task that can be done in a browser, with capabilities to control any application on your computer coming soon.

On top of it all, you only pay for the time that Autotab actually spends doing work for you—starting at $1/hour!

Digital robot, real work

We built Autotab with an extreme focus on reliability and the ability to execute complex workflows.

Bare metal control: Autotab has its own browser that gives it the bare metal control needed to deliver 98%+ reliability without any site-specific fine-tuning. This also lets us avoid most bot detection.

Show, don’t tell: Most other approaches try to have an agent autonomously plan novel chains of actions based on natural language instructions (e.g., “Order me a Domino’s pizza”). While Autotab can do that too, for most important automations it is much easier to show Autotab the workflow than it would be to write a paragraph describing all the steps. If you were to train a human, would you explain where to click or just share your screen & explain with a voiceover?

Discrete, auditable actions: Each task that Autotab learns is composed of a series of steps. This makes it easy to understand and have fine-grained control over what Autotab does. It also allows Autotab to work autonomously with extremely high reliability for hours on end.


Hire Autotab to do your repetitive work for you. Sign up here to request early access!