🦊 Inari: AI-powered product discovery and feedback analytics

Surface insights and revenue-generating product opportunities from your customer data auto-magically

Hey YC friends👋🏼 - Frank and Eric here from Inari!


Inari surfaces customer insights and revenue-generating product opportunities from your customer data auto-magically using AI.

Instead of sifting through 100s of user interviews or 1000s of pieces of customer feedback manually, Inari automates the process of highlighting interesting quotes, identifying trends, uncovering impactful feature requests, and tying helpful prioritization metrics with features so your team can spend less time analyzing and more time building products that customers love. See our product demo here.

The Problem

The canonical startup advice has always been, "go talk to your users." However, the process of listening to users, extracting meaningful insights, and figuring out what products to build based on actual customer problems is time-consuming. Most teams fail to make use of their customer data, resulting in missed revenue and higher churn.

Top-performing teams that do talk to users have to spend significant effort manually analyzing and triaging customer feedback, sales convos, and support tickets. It’s tough to actually pull out impactful feature ideas and product opportunities from customer interactions and then persuade your team to prioritize them. Pulling together effective customer anecdotes and convincing prioritization metrics requires a ton of research and analysis.

How It Works

In the near future when AI makes us 10x more productive with task execution, deeply understanding customer problems and identifying impactful initiatives to take on becomes increasingly important. Inari helps automate the monotonous parts of customer analysis and product discovery across several steps.

Analyze customer interactions on autopilot: Inari integrates with customer data sources (like Slack, Salesforce, and Gong), ingests customer interactions (like feedback, support tickets, and sales convos), and then automatically analyzes it all. Inari highlights key quotes, scores sentiment, and then triages feedback to specific teams, saving your product and support teams from having to do it manually.

Automated accurate insights: As feedback pours in, Inari clusters it into accurate insights (requests, defects, praises, learnings, competitor mentions) so you can understand what’s top of mind for customers. Each insight comes with volume and sentiment metrics, alerts, and VoC dashboards that automate reporting. You can customize taxonomies and prompts to tailor analysis to your team’s needs.

Uncover product opportunities: Inari surfaces potential backlog issues based on customer feature requests or AI-recommended solutions for top customer problems. Every issue auto-links to relevant customer data like deal size, company stage, mention volumes, and specific anecdotes – giving you a 360° view when prioritizing what issues matter most.

Our Asks 🙏🏼

  • If your product, engineering, CX, or sales team wants to convert overwhelming volumes of customer data into actionable insights, VoC reporting, and alerts, you can get started today here or check out useinari.com to learn more.
  • If you’re interested in surfacing product opportunities and generating a 1st draft of your backlog based on customer requests using AI, let’s chat live or email frank@useinari.com so I can onboard your team as design partners.
  • We’d love any feedback and are always down to geek out about product development. Talk to us about your analysis, product discovery, or prioritization problems so we can build something delightful for you!