Revideo - Create videos with code

An open source toolkit to build web-based video apps.


We are building Revideo, a web-based open-source framework that lets you create videos using the animation library Motion Canvas. It exposes basic video & audio editing functionality through a typescript API and lets you render videos with dynamic inputs. You can find our code on Github!

The Problem:

We believe that AI will drastically change how people produce video and that huge amounts of video will soon be created in an automated manner. Initially, we wanted to build applications in this space ourselves and started to work on a few ideas. For example, we worked on an AI-based app to automatically create highlight videos for Twitch streamers, as well as a platform that lets companies A/B test video ads.

While building these products, we noticed that we weren’t really happy with the tooling we used. Most video editing frameworks lacked essential features, and the tools we liked were not open source. Therefore, we decided to build Revideo.

The Solution:

We built Revideo by extending the animation library Motion Canvas and adding features that are essential for automatically creating videos. These features include support for audio, substantially faster video rendering, and an API for programmatically rendering videos with dynamic inputs.

Here is a code example of a basic video created with Revideo:

The code above produces the following result:


Our Asks:

  • Check out Revideo on Github and give us a ⭐ if you like it!
  • We’d love to chat with anyone building video products! If you are building one or know people who do, please reach out ❤️