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Build enterprise-grade AI workers for your business


Brainbase is to AI workers what Retool is to internal tools.

Very soon every company will need to have an AI workforce working alongside their human team. Brainbase is the only platform that lets your business create its own enterprise-grade AI workers. Everyone from government agencies to SMBs is choosing us to create workers that do everything from outbound sales calls to customer support.

If your company already has workflows that you want to automate or just want to explore our 100+ templates, schedule a demo or get on our waitlist!


Hey, Gokhan here! I dropped out of my Machine Learning PhD at Harvard to build Brainbase. So far, it’s been the best choice ever! Previously I started another AI company and built over 15 apps that got more than 50K downloads.


Most business workflows are very repetitive with easily automatable tasks, yet they cost the average business 70% of their workforce every year. That’s every 2 out of 3 hires doing repetitive work day in and day out 🤯

When businesses try to automate these workflows using one of the hundreds of AI automation tools out there, they quickly see that these tools are either unreliable, difficult to set up or simply not powerful enough for business tasks.


At Brainbase we let you build industry-grade AI workers that are designed to handle complex enterprise workflows unique to your business.

Unlike our competitors, Brainbase’s workers are:

  • Unique to your business: No two employees at two different companies are the exact same. We let you build unique workers for your business’s unique requirements
  • 24/7: Our workers work non-stop so they can delight your customers continuously
  • 10x cheaper: Our AI workers are 1/10th the cost of hiring another employee, with the same performance
  • Easy to set up: Start in less than a day with one of our 100+ templates for the most common Sales, HR, and customer support workers
  • Easier to customize: We built the best tools — code and no code — to build your workers to your business’s exact needs

So far, our customers have built:

  • Government call centers responding to 100s of calls a day
  • Resume reviewers that review 1000s of documents in minutes
  • Automated support reps that respond to customer requests in seconds
  • and more…

Start with one of our 100+ templates for end-to-end Sales, HR, or Customer Support workers, invite your team, customize to perfection, and start seeing results in less than a week.


  1. Is your business currently hiring for a non-technical position? Let’s see if you can get away with an AI worker instead! Schedule a demo to see what’s possible with Brainbase.
  2. Do you have ideas for business workflows you want automated? Reach out to gokhan@usebrainbase.xyz, I’d love to have a chat!
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