Sei: AI-powered regulatory compliance

Enabling compliance teams to automate complex repetitive tasks

TLDR: Regulatory bodies, banks, & fintechs use us to automate marketing compliance and customer support QA.

📫 Sei’s Y Combinator Launch offer: If you are a bank, fintech, or investment manager looking to automate regulatory compliance, email us (pranay@seiright.com), and we’ll do it at 50% off our annual contract.

👋 Who are we? Hi, everyone. We are Ram and Pranay, and we're on a mission to improve consumer protection through AI.

❌ The Problem: We’ve both previously worked in banks, funds, and fintechs and seen the challenges compliance teams face as companies scale. Compliance teams spend hundreds of thousands on legacy software and still spend hundreds of hours manually reviewing marketing material and customer interactions to ensure that content does not violate regulations or internal firm policies. More often than not, they cannot audit everything and rely on reviewing only a fraction of the material, which increases risk.

We’ve spent the last few months conducting 100+ interviews with CEOs, CCOs & CROs. Regulatory scrutiny has increased, and the cost of compliance is rising.

✅ The Solution: Sei helps you “SAY” the right thing. Sei’s AI agents scan marketing material, internal communication, and customer interactions (calls, emails, and chats) to flag violations. We’ve built our models on regulations and enforcement actions and highlight issues in real time.

See an AI agent reviewing marketing material here.

Or another AI agent finding violations on a recent customer support call

🛡️ Who Can Use Us: Sei is designed for financial institutions, including banks, fintechs, and non-bank lenders, looking to streamline their compliance processes and reduce costs.