Template Sales Contracts: original Sales Agreement and new Cloud Service Agreement

Since 2015, YC has provided a free, downloadable template Sales Agreement to give any software-as-a-service startup a leg-up on papering its first SaaS sales agreement. That agreement is available here:

You should consider the Sales Agreement as a starting point and customize it to meet your needs - we’ve highlighted the areas that, in our experience, are most likely to vary from startup to startup.

Today, if you would like an even more comprehensive and customizable SaaS sales agreement, Common Paper (a Winter 2023 YC portfolio company) has released a Cloud Service Agreement. For startups that would like more guidance in tailoring the agreement, Common Paper provides a free tool to customize the Cloud Service Agreement by walking you through various contract terms, providing defaults or choices. For startups looking for a solid template agreement as a starting point, without additional guidance, a Word version of the Cloud Service Agreement is available:

Thanks to Goodwin Proctor for providing the original Sales Agreement. Needless to say, neither YC, Goodwin Proctor nor Common Paper assume responsibility for any consequences of using the Sales Agreement or the Cloud Service Agreement.