The Application Video


  • In the video please introduce yourselves, explain what you’re doing and why, and tell us anything else you want to about the founders or the project.

  • The video should be 1 minute long and should contain nothing except the founders talking.

  • This is not the place to submit a demo or promotional video. If you have a demo for your product, there is a separate place in the application for that. For this video, we want to hear how the founders communicate.

  • If you have more than one founder, have all of your founders in the video. If you can’t be in the same room at the same time, screen record a video call instead.

  • Do not recite a written script: Use bullet points instead. Using bullet points, just talk spontaneously as you would to a friend. Reading a written script doesn't help your application or convey communication skills.

Here are some successful YC application videos:

Campus Job (YC W15)

Flip (YC W15)

Zenefits (YC W13)

Teespring (YC W13)