6 companies from the YC Summer 2018 Batch

by Y Combinator7/6/2018

At Y Combinator, founders decide when they want to announce that they’re part of the program. Meet 5 of the companies who have announced that they’re part of the YC Summer 2018 batch so far.

Meru Health Inc. is an online medical clinic for depression, burnout and anxiety treatment with a pay-only-for-outcomes business model. They sell to companies who use Meru Health as an employee benefit. The treatment program combines psychological treatment modules, patient data and personal support from a remote licensed therapist to deliver clinically proven care. The Founder & CEO Kristian Ranta lost his brother to depression and is now on a mission to help millions of people struggling with depression and mental health challenges. Read more about Meru Health Inc. in TechCrunch

Papa cures loneliness in senior citizens by connecting them to college students in their area for in-person companionship. The students provide social transportation, house help, teach technology, and more. The students are like “Grandkids On-Demand.” Seniors or their families can call or use the mobile app to request a college student. More than 10,000 people turn 65 every single day in the United States, and one of the biggest issues affecting them is loneliness/isolation. Papa is headquartered in Florida. Read more about Papa in TechCrunch

ExceptionALLY ExceptionALLY is a digital advocate for parents of children with special needs, who must negotiate with the school system. The negotiation often puts parents and schools into adversarial roles — schools worry about budgets, and families want everything they can legally get for their child. Parents often hire specialized (but expensive) lawyers to help with these negotiations. ExceptionALLY brings the expertise and advocacy of a specialized lawyer to parents at a fraction of the cost. There are 15 million K-12 students with special needs in the US. The founder started ExceptionALLY after witnessing a family member struggle to negotiate with the school for their child with special needs. Read more about ExceptionALLY in TechCrunch

Leena AI is a virtual assistant for enterprise HR departments. Employees ask Leena any HR-related question, such as ‘what are my health benefits?’ and ‘do I have any time off remaining?’, and get an instant answer. Answering employee questions can take 3+ days with typical HR departments; HR departments love Leena because it significantly reduces their workload. Current customers include Coca-Cola and other multinational companies. Read more about Leena AI in TechCrunch

OpenPhone is a mobile application that gives business owners and entrepreneurs their first business phone number instantly. OpenPhone helps them separate their personal and business communications, share the responsibility of their phone line with their team, and easily control how their phone line works on-the-go. Read more about OpenPhone in TechCrunch

Anima App allows designers to convert design to code, automatically. Development teams can save weeks of work, eliminating the tedious back and forth between designers and developers. The founding team are engineers and designers, who have lived this problem, including the former CEO and cofounder of the YO app. Anima’s customers include Apple, Google and Amazon. Read more about Anima App in TechCrunch


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