EventGeek makes project management and analytics software for events

by Y Combinator7/11/2016

Uber NYC and InVision are two of the companies using EventGeek to plan and track their events

Conferences and events represent 20-25% of a company’s marketing budget on average, yet there’s no easy way to measure how effective they are.

Alex Patriquin and his co-founder, Derek Dahmer, are solving this problem with EventGeek, an event organization and analytics platform.

EventGeek lets businesses track everything related to event marketing in one place: budgets, expenses, itineraries, venues, guests, and sales. You can connect EventGeek to tools you already use, like Salesforce and Google Analytics, and track how many sales leads you got at a conference, or how many pageviews your site got when you sponsored a booth at CES. This comprehensive look at your event data lets you determine which events drive the best results.

“Currently, 80% of event planners use spreadsheets and email to plan their events and 20% use a project management tool,” says Alex. “But until now it’s been really hard to figure out which events are most successful at helping you achieve your sales and marketing goals. We make it really easy for you to see which of your events convert into sales and customers.”

EventGeek’s long-term vision is to bring analytics to every company that uses events as a sales or marketing channel.

“Usually the return on events for a company is very opaque and hard to figure out,” says Qasar Younis, Partner and Chief Operating Officer at Y Combinator. “EventGeek helps answer questions like ‘What is the measurable impact of this conference?’ Beyond that, the software helps organize and coordinate everything from charity walks to huge, multi million events. We actually use it at YC!”


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