Join Us for Startup School Presentation Day!

by Steven Pham6/14/2017

Presentation Day videos will be available at starting on Friday, June 16th at 8:00AM PDT.

7,746 founders took part in the Founder Track for Startup School, which gave them access to tailored advice from YC alumni and the ability to collaborate with one another. Thousands more tuned in for the online class taught by Sam Altman and 30 guest lecturers and panelists.

Startup School founders graduate this week. The 10-week program culminates in Presentation Day. On Presentation Day, founders will share videos that introduce their product and share the progress they’ve made during Startup School.

Here’s Startup School by the numbers:

Number of countries participating: 141
Number of companies applied: 13,321 (30,756 founders)
Number of companies participating in the Founder Track: 2,820 (7,746 founders)

You can learn more about the program and view all of our lecture content at

We hope you tune in!


  • Steven Pham

    Steven is the Online Community Director at YC. Previously, he built and ran Startup School, YC's free online course for startups, and worked on Special Projects at YC.