Watch 30 founder pitches from YC's GTM Jobs Expo

by Ryan Choi4/22/2021

Y Combinator hosted our first Go-To-Market Jobs Expo in March, and we’re now posting the founder pitches on Work at a Startup.

At the event, 30 fast-growing YC startups shared more about their companies and open roles. Startups include:

  • Vanta (S18) helps companies protect their consumer data from data breaches and security issues. They’ve raised a $50M Series A due to their strong product-market fit and are hiring in all roles — engineering, product, sales, marketing, and more.
  • Berbix (W18) allows companies to do ID checks online, all as a platform. Covid has accelerated the adoption of their tech across the internet, and their founders solved the same problems as employees at Airbnb. They’re hiring for sales, BDR, and product, as well as engineering.
  • OpenPhone (S18) recently raised $14M to build the next generation business phone — all from an app. They’re growing by word-of-mouth and are using the money to hire in all functions, including tech, sales, growth, and support/services.

View all the pitches on Work at Startup and create a profile to connect directly with founders:


  • Ryan Choi

    Ryan works with YC companies to find great engineers — from 2-person startups to larger ones like Airbnb, Stripe and Instacart.