Real time Google Earth for agriculture -- imagery collected weekly…

TerrAvion provides high revisit rate aerial imagery for agriculture. Since 2016 we have been the largest volume provider. TerrAvion Aerial is the best value for growers in imagery: -Imagery helps you to act in season in a comprehensive and quantitative way -Satellites aren't reliability and lack sufficient resolution for agronomic decision-making -Drones don't scale, and thus are expensive and a hassle -TerrAvion beats all competitors on cost/value, flight rate, reliability, speed, and open API -TerrAvion's service allows imagery to be used in tangible value creating use cases with agronomic support TerrAvion creates the most value for our agronomic partners: -Excellent margins are possible when customers are concentrated, still affordable when in new markets -Our program allows for bundling, particularly with agronomic recommendations -We stay out of the advice and prescription side of things to make our agronomic partners stars -Partners have full access to API with all data we collect for use in all their applications -We handle the technical aspects of aerial imagery delivery and education with in-field support under our co-delivery model

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LocationSan Leandro, CA

Robert Morris, CEO

Currently, I am the CEO of TerrAvion. TerrAvion is dedicated to taking the organization and technology of networked aircraft and applying them to serve agriculture. TerrAvion is largest volume provider of overnight imagery in agriculture in North and South America. Previously I led the US Army's first drone platoon in Afghanistan, worked for Deloitte with the US Navy helping them buy robot boats, and got an MBA at Carnegie Mellon--see my blog robocosmist.com for insights on robot finance.

Robert Morris