Y Combinator Startups in the San Francisco Bay Area 2024

June 2024

Browse 100 of the top startups funded by Y Combinator. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, these are some of the hottest and fastest-growing startups.

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  • Airbnb
    Airbnb (w2009)Public • 6,132 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Founded in August of 2008 and based in San Francisco, California, Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world — online or from a mobile phone. Whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month, Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 33,000 cities and 192 countries. And with world-class customer service and a growing community of users, Airbnb is the easiest way for people to monetize their extra space and showcase it to an audience of millions. No global movement springs from individuals. It takes an entire team united behind something big. Together, we work hard, we laugh a lot, we brainstorm nonstop, we use hundreds of Post-Its a week, and we give the best high-fives in town. Headquartered in San Francisco, we have satellite offices in Dublin, London, Barcelona, Paris, Milan, Copenhagen, Berlin, Moscow, São Paolo, Sydney, and Singapore.
  • Amplitude
    Amplitude (w2012)Public • 750 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Since graduating from YC, Amplitude (W12) has made it to IPO and beyond by helping cutting edge startups become category leaders. We’ve pioneered the digital analytics category to become the go-to solution for AI pioneers (Cruise, Midjourney), apps that touch millions of consumers (Doordash, Coinbase), and the best in B2B (Atlassian, Rippling, Canva). With product analytics, experiment, CDP, session replay, and more, Amplitude’s digital analytics platform shows you what your users love, where they’re getting stuck, and what keeps them coming back. You want to build a generational business, and we have the capabilities and pricing plans to guide you every step of the way. Check out our special deal for YC companies and get started on your analytics journey.
  • Coinbase
    Coinbase (s2012)Public • 6,112 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Founded in June of 2012, Coinbase is a digital currency wallet and platform where merchants and consumers can transact with new digital currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin. Our vision is to bring more innovation, efficiency, and equality of opportunity to the world by building an open financial system. Our first step on that journey is making digital currency accessible and approachable for everyone. Two principles guide our efforts. First, be the most trusted company in our domain. Second, create user-focused products that are easier and more intuitive to use.
  • DoorDash
    DoorDash (s2013)Public • 8,600 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Founded in 2013, DoorDash is a San Francisco-based technology company passionate about transforming local businesses and dedicated to enabling new ways of working, earning, and living. Today, DoorDash connects customers with their favorite local and national restaurants in more than 600 cities across the United States and Canada. By building intelligent, last-mile delivery technology for local cities, DoorDash aims to connect people with the things they care about — one dash at a time. Read more at blog.doordash.com, and find us on Glassdoor.
  • Dropbox
    Dropbox (s2007)Public • 4,000 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Dropbox is building the world’s first smart workspace. Back in 2007, making work better for people meant designing a simpler way to keep files in sync. Today, it means designing products that reduce busywork so you can focus on the work that matters. Most “productivity tools” get in your way. They constantly ping, distract, and disrupt your team’s flow, so you spend your days switching between apps and tracking down feedback. It’s busywork, not the meaningful stuff. We want to change this. We believe there’s a more enlightened way to work. Dropbox helps people be organized, stay focused, and get in sync with their teams.
  • GitLab
    GitLab (w2015)Public • 2,000 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    GitLab is the first single application for the entire DevOps lifecycle. Only GitLab enables Concurrent DevOps, unlocking organizations from the constraints of today’s toolchain. GitLab provides unmatched visibility, radical new levels of efficiency and comprehensive governance to significantly compress the time between planning a change and monitoring its effect. This makes the software lifecycle 200% faster, radically improving the speed of business. GitLab and Concurrent DevOps collapses cycle times by driving higher efficiency across all stages of the software development lifecycle. For the first time, Product, Development, QA, Security, and Operations teams can work concurrently in a single application. There’s no need to integrate and synchronize tools, or waste time waiting for handoffs. Everyone contributes to a single conversation, instead of managing multiple threads across disparate tools. And only GitLab gives teams complete visibility across the lifecycle with a single, trusted source of data to simplify troubleshooting and drive accountability. All activity is governed by consistent controls, making security and compliance first-class citizens instead of an afterthought. Built on Open Source, GitLab leverages the community contributions of thousands of developers and millions of users to continuously deliver new DevOps innovations. More than 100,000 organizations from startups to global enterprise organizations, including Ticketmaster, Jaguar Land Rover, NASDAQ, Dish Network and Comcast trust GitLab to deliver great software at new speeds.
  • Instacart
    Instacart (s2012)Public • 3,000 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Instacart is the North American leader in online grocery and one of the fastest-growing companies in e-commerce. Instacart’s same-day delivery and pickup services bring fresh groceries and everyday essentials to busy people and families across the U.S. and Canada in as fast as an hour. Since its founding in 2012, Instacart has become an essential service for millions of families, while also serving as an immediate, flexible earnings opportunity for hundreds of thousands of shoppers across North America. The company partners with more than 350 retailers and delivers from more than 25,000 stores across more than 5,500 cities in North America. Today, Instacart is accessible to more than 85% of households in the U.S. and more than 70% of households in Canada.
  • Matterport
    Matterport (w2012)Public • 201 employees • Sunnyvale, CA, USA
    Matterport is an immersive media technology company that is shaking up the 3D / VR world. Our team has built the first end-to-end system for creating, modifying, distributing, and navigating immersive 3D and virtual reality (VR) versions of real-world spaces on web and mobile devices. Matterport offers the world's most inexpensive and simplest way to capture 3D spaces. Our products include: - Matterport Pro Camera for capturing real spaces in 3D. It collects accurate visual and spatial data to map entire areas in minutes and is all about automation and ease of use. - The Matterport Cloud for processing and hosting 3D models - Matterport Portal, our system for viewing, editing, and managing models; collaborating with colleagues; and sharing models with others - Matterport 3D Showcase, a browser-based 3D media player, which allows anyone to view 3D models in their browser with no additional software - Matterport Core VR: All Spaces can be converted to VR and experienced on Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard (in beta), with additional device support coming soon. Matterport 3D media solutions power industries from real estate (residential, multi-family and commercial) and travel and hospitality (hotels, vacation rentals, and venue booking), to business listings, architecture, engineering and construction, news and entertainment, and everything in between. We’re growing fast. If you’re passionate about solving cutting-edge problems in computer vision and hardware design and creating order-of-magnitude improvements in the ability to easily create and share 3D models of real world spaces, we want to talk to you. See open positions at matterport.com/jobs. Try Matterport for yourself at matterport.com/try.
  • Oklo
    Oklo (s2014)Public • 50 employees • Santa Clara, CA, USA
    About Oklo Inc.: Oklo Inc. (Oklo) is developing advanced fission power plants to provide emission-free, reliable, and affordable energy. Oklo received a Site Use Permit from the U.S Department of Energy, has performed successful prototypic fuel fabrication, was awarded fuel material from Idaho National Laboratory, developed the first advanced fission combined license application accepted and docketed by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and is developing advanced fuel recycling technologies in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy and national laboratories. Oklo has been featured in Time, Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Popular Mechanics, Wired, Architectural Digest, Hyperallergic, POWER Magazine, has been the subject of a Harvard Business School case, and is featured in the Oliver Stone documentary Nuclear, among other features.
  • PagerDuty
    PagerDuty (s2010)Public • 950 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    PagerDuty is an operations performance platform delivering visibility and actionable intelligence across the entire incident lifecycle. Their SaaS-based solution empowers over 10,000 small, mid-size and enterprise global customers such as Comcast, eHarmony, Slack and Lululemon with the insight to intelligently respond to critical disruptions for exceptional customer experience. PagerDuty was founded to deliver a new and innovative approach to increase business response and efficiency. When brand reputation depends on customer satisfaction, PagerDuty arms businesses with the insight to proactively manage incidents and events that may impact customers across their IT environment.
  • Presto
    Presto (s2010)Public • 200 employees • San Carlos, CA, USA
    Presto automates big chain restaurants like McDonald's, Starbucks, KFC, Chili's with a combination of Computer Vision, Voice AI, payments and advanced hw/sw solutions. We're obsessed with introducing next-gen tech to advance physical industries and delight consumers.
  • Notable Labs
    Notable Labs (w2015)Public • 40 employees • Foster City, CA, USA
    Notable Labs is building a personalized drug discovery platform to identify treatment options for relapsed and refractory cancer patients — starting with blood cancer — to address the long tail of cancer treatment. We look at a person’s actual cancer cells, test combinations of FDA approved drugs, and see which combinations kill the cancer cells and leave the healthy cells alive. We focus on combinations because cancer is often difficult to target with just one drug and starting with a single drug can lead to resistant clones or relapse. We're building a highly automated lab in Foster City running on our custom software and are currently testing relapsed/refractory cancer patients as well as samples from a variety of pharma/biotech partnerships. https://www.notablelabs.com/careers
  • Rigetti Computing
    Rigetti Computing (s2014)Public • 51 employees • Berkeley, CA, USA
    Rigetti Computing is building the world’s most powerful computers to help solve humanity’s most pressing and important problems. These systems will perform computations that today’s fastest supercomputers are incapable of — unlocking entirely new classes of problems and offering a direct path to solutions. We are scientists, engineers, builders, and visionaries. We believe quantum computing is going to significantly affect health care, how we treat disease, how we generate energy, and how we feed humanity. Rigetti is the only company deploying full-stack solutions for hybrid classical/quantum computing. Our 19-qubit quantum computer is available online through our Forest platform, and the first commercially useful applications are already under exploration. We were founded in 2013 by Chad Rigetti, and are located Berkeley and Fremont, California.
  • Lucira Health
    Lucira Health (w2015)Public • 43 employees • Emeryville, CA, USA
    Diassess Inc. is revolutionizing the way infectious diseases are prevented, diagnosed, and monitored by developing the tools necessary to empower people to become knowledgeable about their health. We produce inexpensive, disposable health diagnostic hardware that transforms any smartphone into a portable, real-time health-monitoring device for rapid, accessible, multiplexed analysis of bodily fluids anywhere in the world.
  • Embark Trucks
    Embark Trucks (w2016)Public • 300 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Embark Technology develops self-driving truck software. Embark was the first self-driving truck company to achieve an autonomous coast-to-coast drive, the first to reach 100,000 miles driven on public roads, and the first to open a network of transfer points. Embark went public on NASDAQ in 2021 and was acquired by Applied Intuition in 2023.
  • Momentus
    Momentus (s2018)Public • 125 employees • Santa Clara, CA, USA
    Momentus is a space infrastructure services company. As a first mover, Momentus will offer the most basic, foundational services that enable businesses to flourish in space. With their experienced team of aerospace, propulsion, and robotics engineers, Momentus makes and operates cost-effective and energy-efficient in-space transport and service vehicles that utilize water plasma propulsion technology. Momentus has service agreements in place with numerous private satellite companies, government agencies, and research organizations.
  • Pardes Biosciences
    Pardes Biosciences (s2020)Public • 2 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    We make oral drugs to treat and prevent viral infections - like COVID-19.
  • Bellabeat
    Bellabeat (w2014)Active • 134 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Founded in 2014, Bellabeat is a data-centered wellness femtech company behind some of the most fashionably designed tech-powered wellness products and one of the fastest-growing wellness subscription services for women. Throughout the years, Bellabeat built the go-to wellness brand with a compelling ecosystem of solutions and services focused on women’s health. The success of the Leaf and Ivy wearables enabled the brand to expand to international markets and kickstart industry discussions on the importance of innovating in the design and development of tech products. Today, Bellabeat is leading the market shift with hyper-personalized holistic wellness offerings aligned with a women’s menstrual cycle.
  • Benchling
    Benchling (s2012)Active • 750 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Biotechnology is rewriting life as we know it, from the medicines we take, to the crops we grow, the materials we wear, and the household goods that we rely on every day. Biotech R&D is radically transforming our world, but to move at the new speed of science, scientists need better technology. Benchling’s mission is to unlock the power of biotechnology. The world’s biotech leaders and innovators use our R&D Cloud to power the development of breakthrough products and accelerate time to milestone and market.
  • Brex
    Brex (w2017)Active • 1,000 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Brex is the AI-powered spend platform for modern companies, from startups to enterprises. Combining corporate cards, expense management, travel, business accounts, and bill pay, Brex makes it easy to control spend before it happens with unprecedented efficiency and accuracy. Our mission is to empower employees anywhere to make better financial decisions, so we designed our platform to make expenses almost effortless with unrivaled automation of manual expense work and real-time tracking. Brex supports more countries and currencies than any other spend solution. Brex has tens of thousands of customers, including some of the most successful, high-growth companies, such as DoorDash, SeatGeek, Coinbase, ScaleAI, MasterClass, Indeed, Allbirds, and Superhuman. Brex offers: - Corporate cards with 10-20x higher limits - Business accounts with easy wires, same-day liquidity, fast global payments, and $6M in FDIC insurance - Reward options that include billboards, offsites, and coaching - Founder-friendly financial modeling tools - Special events and masterclasses for founders - Advanced spend management software as startups grow that includes global capabilities, travel, bill pay and more.
  • Checkr
    Checkr (s2014)Active • 1,200 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Checkr builds people infrastructure for the future of work. And we believe everyone should have a fair chance to work. That's why we've designed a faster—and fairer—way to screen job seekers. For more information on our mission and products, visit http://checkr.com.
  • Deel
    Deel (w2019)Active • 3,500 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Deel is the all-in-one HR platform for global teams. It helps companies simplify every aspect of managing an international workforce, from culture and onboarding, to local payroll and compliance. Deel works for independent contractors and full-time employees in more than 150 countries, compliantly. And getting set up takes just a few minutes. For more information, visit Deel.com.
  • Faire
    Faire (w2017)Active • 900 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Faire is an innovative online marketplace that uses machine learning to match local retailers with the brands and products that uniquely fit their stores. We are using the power of technology to connect brands and independent retailers from all over the world, building a thriving community of hundreds of thousands of retailers, which has resulted in over 7 million new connections to date. Faire was founded on the belief that the future of retail is local. Our mission is to empower brands and retailers to strengthen the unique character of local communities. Our data-driven approach unburdens retailers from decades-old obstacles by helping find the right products for their shop. Plus, our straight-forward financial terms level the playing field by eliminating inventory risk and providing access to capital—key offerings previously only available to big box chains. For brands, our platform provides powerful sales, marketing, and analytics tools that simplify their business and allow them to focus on what they love: making great products.
  • Fivetran
    Fivetran (w2013)Active • 1,200 employees • Oakland, CA, USA
    Fivetran automates data movement out of, into and across cloud data platforms. We automate the most time-consuming parts of the ELT process from extracts to schema drift handling to transformations, so data engineers can focus on higher-impact projects with total pipeline peace of mind. With 99.9% uptime and self-healing pipelines, Fivetran enables hundreds of leading brands across the globe, including Autodesk, Conagra Brands, JetBlue, Lionsgate, Morgan Stanley, and Ziff Davis, to accelerate data-driven decisions and drive business growth. Fivetran is headquartered in Oakland, California, with offices around the world. 
  • Flexport
    Flexport (w2014)Active • 3,000 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Founded in 2013, we believe trade can move the human race forward. That’s why our mission at Flexport is to make global trade easy for everyone. What the internet has done for bits and bytes, Flexport is doing for physical goods: giving every business the ability to connect to any customer, wherever they are in the world. That sounds pretty straightforward, but a fragmented and inefficient global supply chain has held the world back from untapped growth and innovation. By connecting everyone in the global economy we can unlock commerce, creativity, and human progress. To do so, we’re building the platform for global logistics—empowering buyers, sellers and their logistics partners with the technology and services they need to grow and innovate. Today, we work with more than 40,000 customers and their suppliers across industries like manufacturing, retail, electronics, consumer goods, tech, apparel, and beauty. Companies of all sizes—from emerging brands to Fortune 500s—used Flexport technology to move nearly $19B of merchandise across 112 countries in 2021. Interested in joining our team? Check out our open job postings on careers site and apply directly today! https://www.flexport.com/careers/jobs/
  • Go1
    Go1 (s2015)Active • 650 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    In today’s environment, employees need training to ensure business compliance, skill development and to support an engaged workforce. Go1 brings together content from the world’s top training providers and makes it easy to access in whichever platform your organization uses. This makes it easier to deliver, manage and engage with training. Go1 also works with existing LMS, HRIS, and business systems to make learning simpler and more effective.
  • GrubMarket
    GrubMarket (w2015)Active • 4,548 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    GrubMarket is the AI-powered technology enabler and digital transformer of American Food Supply Chain industry. Our mission is to build and provide the eCommerce and software technologies to this industry, to transform this completely offline and highly manual industry into modernized online industry powered by software technologies, and improve the efficiency of American food supply chain.
  • Gusto
    Gusto (w2012)Active • 2,400 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Launched in 2012 as ZenPayroll, Gusto serves more than 300,000 businesses nationwide. Each year we process tens of billions of dollars of payroll and provide employee benefits—like health insurance and 401(k) accounts—while helping companies create incredible work places. Through one refreshingly easy, integrated platform, we automate and simplify your payroll, benefits, and HR, all while providing expert support. You and your employees will get the peace of mind you need to do your best work.
  • Honeylove
    Honeylove (s2018)Active • 100 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Honeylove is a DTC startup founded by EDM artist Betsie Larkin. After searching high and low for quality shapewear that made her feel confident on stage, Betsie decided to create her own line of stage-worthy shapewear and launched publicly in 2018. Since then, Honeylove has expanded to tops, bras, and many other garments that have set new standards in their verticals. We apply a technical and artistic approach to problems we see in the fashion industry, creating products that serve our customers of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.
  • Moxion Power Co.
    Moxion Power Co. (w2021)Active • 380 employees • Richmond, CA, USA
    Moxion Power manufactures mobile energy storage products and technologies, which enable last-mile electrification in industries such as construction, transportation, events and entertainment, film production and telecommunications.
  • Newfront
    Newfront (w2018)Active • 800 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Newfront is transforming the delivery of risk management, employee experience, insurance, and retirement solutions by building the modern insurance platform. Transparent data delivered real-time translates into a lower total cost of risk and greater insights. Headquartered in San Francisco, Newfront has offices throughout the country and is home to more than 850 employees who serve clients across the United States and globally.
  • Optimizely
    Optimizely (w2010)Acquired • 1,500 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    At Optimizely, we're on a mission to help people unlock their digital potential. We do that by reinventing how marketing and product teams work to create and optimize digital experiences across all channels. With Optimizely One, our industry-first operating system for marketers, we offer teams flexibility and choice to build their stack their way with our fully SaaS, fully decoupled, and highly composable solution. We help companies around the world orchestrate their entire content lifecycle, monetize every digital experience and experiment across all customer touchpoints – all through Optimizely One, the leading digital experience platform that powers every phase of the marketing lifecycle through a single, AI-accelerated workflow. Optimizely has nearly 1500 employees across our 21 global offices and has 700+ partners. We are proud to help more than 10,000 businesses, including H&M, PayPal, Zoom, and Toyota, enrich their customer lifetime value, increase revenue and grow their brands. At Optimizely, we live each day with a simple philosophy: large enough to serve, small enough to care. Learn more at optimizely.com.
  • Reddit
    Reddit (s2005)Acquired • 2,000 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Founded by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian in 2005, Reddit is an online community where users submit, vote, and comment on content, news, and discussions. Nicknamed "the front page of the internet,"​ Reddit is one of the top ten sites in the United States (source: Alexa), with hundreds of millions of users each month on desktop, mobile web, and our official Android/iOS apps. Interested in joining our growing team? Check out about.reddit.com/careers
  • Rippling
    Rippling (w2017)Active • 2,500 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Rippling gives businesses one place to run HR, IT, and Finance. It brings together all of the workforce systems that are normally scattered across a company, like payroll, expenses, benefits, and computers. For the first time ever, you can manage and automate every part of the employee lifecycle in a single system. Take onboarding, for example. With Rippling, you can hire a new employee anywhere in the world and set up their payroll, corporate card, computer, benefits, and even third-party apps like Slack and Microsoft 365—all within 90 seconds. Based in San Francisco, CA, Rippling has raised $1.2B from the world’s top investors—including Kleiner Perkins, Founders Fund, Sequoia, Greenoaks and Bedrock.
  • Scale AI
    Scale AI (s2016)Active • 500 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Scale accelerates the development of AI within organizations of any size to deliver critical business insights and operational efficiency. Its data-centric infrastructure platform leverages RLHF (Reinforced Learning with Human Feedback) to help organizations build the strongest AI models that supercharge their business, with customers across industries including Meta, Microsoft, U.S. Army, DoD’s Defense Innovation Unit, Open AI, General Motors, Toyota Research Institute, Brex, Instacart and Flexport.
  • Scribd
    Scribd (s2006)Active • 300 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Scribd gives you access to millions of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, podcasts, and more — all in one place, for one price. OUR VISION Inspire the world through stories and knowledge. OUR MISSION Build the largest and most accessible library connecting storytellers with their audience. If you love working with smart, motivated people, you’ll love working at Scribd. We value our employees, we demonstrate accountability, and we take action. We’re one team with a common goal: helping our customers flourish.
  • Stripe
    Stripe (s2009)Active • 7,000 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Launched out of Y Combinator’s 2009 Summer batch, Stripe is a global technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the internet. Businesses of every size—from new startups to public companies—use our software to accept payments and manage their businesses online Stripe is a proud partner of YC companies—from Airbnb (S09) to Defog (W23)—to help them grow their businesses and increase the GDP of the internet.
  • Truebill
    Truebill (w2016)Acquired • 225 employees • Silver Spring, MD, USA
    Rocket Money (formerly Truebill) is a leading personal finance app that analyzes members' spending habits, identifies inefficiencies, and offers immediate methods to improve their financial health. It enables people to optimize their spending, manage subscriptions, lower their bills, and automatically set aside money to reach their savings goals. Truebill has saved members more than $100 million since 2016 and is headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland, with offices in San Francisco. Truebill's mission is to empower people to live their best financial lives. Truebill offers members a unique understanding of their finances and a suite of valuable services that save them time and money - ultimately giving them a leg up on their financial journey. Truebill is backed by Accel, Bessemer Venture Partners, Eldridge Industries, and YCombinator.
  • Webflow
    Webflow (s2013)Active • 600 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Webflow is the leading no-code visual web development platform. It seamlessly generates sophisticated code so anyone can build powerful web-based businesses and adapt to changes without developers or months of building. From entrepreneurs and creative agencies to Fortune 500 companies, Webflow makes the internet a more inclusive place by making the tools to build on it more accessible to more people, fueling business growth. Webflow powers websites for innovators like Discord, Monday.com, IDEO, Orange Theory Fitness, TED, and Dropbox. Webflow is backed by Y Combinator, Accel, CapitalG, Silversmith, and other awesome investors.
  • Zapier
    Zapier (s2012)Active • 700 employees • Mountain View, CA, USA
    Founded in 2011, Zapier is the #1 workflow automation platform for small and mid-sized businesses. By connecting more than 6,000 of the most popular work apps, Zapier empowers its users to make the most of the tools they already use—and to focus on what matters most.
  • Human Dx (s2012)Active • 11 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    The Human Diagnosis Project (also referred to as “Human Dx” or “the Project”) is a worldwide effort to build an open medical intelligence system that maps the steps to help any patient. By combining collective intelligence with machine learning, Human Dx intends to enable more accurate, affordable, and accessible care for all
  • Backpack (s2014)Active • 2 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Shopping? Buy overseas. Traveling? Earn some extra cash. Let backpack help you save that high shipping cost or earn a little extra. Backpack is a peer-to-peer platform that connects travelers and shoppers to give people access to products across markets in all continents. Each backpacker, regardless of their role as a carrier or a shopper, follows a simple four-step process to either earn or save money from their backpacking experience. Travelers share their travel information and specify what kind of items they want to carry. Then they wait to get a "backpack request" and ask their price. Finally, they confirm the deal, buy the items, deliver them and earn money. Shoppers on the other hand, search items from their favorite websites and fill out the item description. Then they give their location and find a traveler coming to their city. Finally they "request backpack" and confirm the deal. Within days they can get the product and save money. backpack is founded with a vision to provide every citizen of the world with a choice; the choice of buying organic, authentic, and cost effective products with minimum friction. Whether the product is state-of-the-art consumer electronics, exotic pashmina from the south-east, or even medication that are rare in some parts of the world and not so rare in others - we promise ourselves to get those products to your doorsteps. We would like to reject the counterfeits, we would like to reject the almost-originals, most importantly, we would like to not pay the heavy expense incurred, most of which we deem to be superfluous. Help us make a better, more original globalized world.
  • 42
    42 (w2014)Active • San Francisco, CA, USA
    42 is an end-to-end analytics stack for DTC and wholesale brands. Our platform shows you the right insights and data, anytime you need them: - Hundreds of built-in metrics across Stores, eComm, Wholesale, or any other channel - See all your sales, stock and customer in one report, with images - Accurate cost, markdown and promo reporting - Get answers in real-time, during your buyer / supplier meetings - Get your store managers to use data, we've seen 10% margin increases from this - Actually know how much stock you have. We're more than just a dashboard... - No infrastructure needed. We do the hosting and maintenance. - No integrations (for you). We do the heavy-lifting and get your data into 42 - For brands, we work with all the major retailers (via xlsx, portals or EDI) - For retailers, we can be your vendor portal - We integrate with any system - We work with you to tailor the analytics according to your products and naming Our customers include AllSaints, Frasers Group, Incipio Group, Bandier, Deconic... and way more. If you want to learn more about what we do, head over to our website: 42technologies.com ... or go to any AllSaints store and ask a store manager :)
  • Scuba
    Scuba (w2013)Active • 51 employees • Redwood City, CA, USA
    Interana is the fast and scalable event-based analytics solution to answer critical business questions about how customers behave and products are used. Interana allows users to analyze and explore the key business metrics that matter most in a data-driven world – such as growth, retention, conversion and engagement – in seconds, rather than the hours or days it often takes with existing solutions. Interana allows customers to discover and investigate these key insights easily through its visual and interactive interface, which makes data analysis a natural extension of everyone’s workflow.
  • Billforward (s2014)Active • 8 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    San Francisco-based BillForward a YCombinator company is comprised of talented and passionate folks who are excited by the challenges and opportunities of subscription billing. We offer a flexible and innovative billing platform, which gives any type of recurring-payment based businesses the ability to bill customers for sophisticated products and carry out in-depth revenue analysis. Launched in Jan 2013 the platform has already gained great traction in the Telecoms, SaaS, Product as Service and Platform as a Service industries, where product managers and CFO’s have realized that the ability to change their offering in hours, rather than weeks, can give them an edge on the competition.
  • OctaveWealth
    OctaveWealth (s2012)Active • 2 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    We’ll build the 401(k) you need to help attract and retain talent. OctaveWealth is operated by Quillu Inc, an SEC registered Investment Advisor.
  • AgileMD
    AgileMD (s2011)Active • 15 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    At AgileMD, we are building the most advanced real-time predictive analytics and clinical algorithms platform for hospitals. Our cloud-based engine helps thousands of doctors and nurses around the country make medical decisions, so that every patient receives the highest quality and value of care based on the latest medical knowledge and data.
  • BuildZoom
    BuildZoom (w2013)Active • 100 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    BuildZoom is a better way to remodel. We connect homeowners to the most reliable general contractors in their area and make remodeling simpler, cheaper and more predictable. Our technology harvests public data on every licensed contractor in the United States, including license information, building permits, bond and insurance information and other government records. We use this public data along with private data gleaned from past BuildZoom marketplace interactions to evaluate contractor quality, availability, and fit for each construction project. Our goal is to help project owners arrive at several competitive bids from highly qualified and experienced construction companies to ensure a fair price and a successful project. We build tools to help contractors look their best online, manage their lead pipeline, seamlessly interact with project owners, and compose professional bid proposals.
  • CodeCombat
    CodeCombat (w2014)Active • 45 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    CodeCombat is a multiplayer programming game for learning how to code. With thousands of schools and millions of students, we are bringing K12 computer science education to everyone, regardless of gender, race, or background. Everyone should have the opportunity to learn. The ultimate goal of CodeCombat is to bring more users into the field of computer programming by making the logic and syntax more accessible and enjoyable to learn. The end game is to educate a whole new generation of computer programmers that started their journey by slaying ogres and defending their castles from oncoming enemy hordes. We teach Python, JavaScript, and other languages directly in the browser. Teachers with no computer science background can get started in five minutes. In a world where all programmers have had to be second-language learners, do you want your students to become native speakers of code? Let's chat about bringing CodeCombat to your school! Find us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/CodeCombat
  • Cambly
    Cambly (w2014)Active • 200 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    The Cambly app gives English learners instant 1-on-1 access to friendly native speakers over video chat 24/7. Students get an affordable and convenient way to practice their English and gain confidence. Tutors get to make money helping people from around the world practice English.
  • CareMessage
    CareMessage (w2014)Active • 45 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    CareMessage is the largest patient engagement platform for underserved populations in the United States. We want to help create a world where all people regardless of income or background achieve equitable health outcomes. We power the care for more than 10 million underserved patients at over 400 safety net organizations nationwide who receive timely healthcare information, preventive care reminders, appointment reminders, local resources, and health coaching through interactive voice and text messaging. Founded in 2012 at Stanford University, CareMessage has raised over $25 million from Google.org, William K. Bowes Jr. Foundation, Pershing Square Foundation, Y Combinator, Schmidt Futures, and others.
  • Docker
    Docker (s2010)Active • 201 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Docker is the world’s leading software container platform. Developers use Docker to eliminate “works on my machine” problems when collaborating on code with co-workers. Operators use Docker to run and manage apps side-by-side in isolated containers to get better compute density. Enterprises use Docker to build agile software delivery pipelines to ship new features faster, more securely and with confidence for both Linux and Windows Server apps.
  • CircuitLab
    CircuitLab (w2013)Active • 2 employees • Redwood City, CA, USA
    CircuitLab makes it easier for electrical engineers, students, and electronics hobbyists to design, analyze, build, and share electronic circuits.
  • Ninite
    Ninite (w2008)Active • 2 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    The BaseShield App Store is a distribution platform for Windows software. Users can download and install applications with one click, and each application runs in its own secure virtual space. It is an open platform where third party developers can publish their applications. Developers who deploy their apps this way can rely on the built-in installer, update function, security and eventually payment processing.
  • Bayes Impact
    Bayes Impact (s2014)Active • 11 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Bayes Impact's mission is to change the world through algorithms. We solve pressing public interest problems by building technology solutions that leverage data to improve outcomes on a large scale. More information at www.bayesimpact.org
  • Rainforest
    Rainforest (s2012)Active • 40 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    No-code platform for end-to-end, automated software testing that integrates with any CI/CD pipeline. Improve quality and move faster without a QA team. We have a sweet YC deal.
  • Clerky
    Clerky (s2011)Active • 15 employees • Palo Alto, CA, USA
    Clerky builds software to make legal paperwork easier for startups and their attorneys. From formation to fundraising to hiring - everything a startup needs. Thousands of top startups use Clerky to get legal paperwork done safely and efficiently.
  • Talkable
    Talkable (w2011)Active • 76 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Talkable (formerly Curebit) helps online stores increase revenue through referrals by turning existing customers into marketers. When customers check out from a Talkable-enabled store, they are presented personalized deals that they can gift to their friends by posting to Facebook or forwarding a link. The deals give both the the original customer and their referred friends a rebate on their purchase at this store.
  • Etleap
    Etleap (w2013)Active • 11 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Etleap is an ETL solution for creating perfect data pipelines from day one. Unlike other enterprise solutions, Etleap doesn’t require extensive engineering work to set up, maintain, and scale. It automates most ETL setup and maintenance work, and simplifies the rest into 10-minute tasks that analysts can own.
  • BackerKit
    BackerKit (s2012)Active • 62 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    BackerKit is the best way for crowdfunding project creators to manage their backers, help fulfill their campaign on time, and allow them focus on what they love doing—making something awesome!
  • Directed Edge (s2009)Active • 2 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Directed Edge delivers Amazon-like "People who bought this also bought..." and "We think you'd also like"-style recommendations to other sites, using existing data being collected such as purchase or click histories. Recommendations are served in real-time via a REST API, with language bindings in several programming languages to make integration easy.
  • Front
    Front (s2014)Active • 385 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Front powers the heart of business — the meaningful connections between teams and customers that lead to lasting relationships. Bringing email and apps together in a collaborative customer communication platform, Front drives business impact by scaling the natural conversations that create customers for life. More than 8,000 businesses are using Front today to cultivate personalized customer relationships at scale and transform their work into impact. With $204 in funding, Front is backed by leading venture capital firms including Sequoia Capital, Salesforce Ventures and Battery Ventures, as well as independent investors including top executives from PagerDuty, Atlassian, Okta, Qualtrics, and Zoom.
  • FundersClub
    FundersClub (s2012)Active • 5 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    FundersClub discovers, funds, and supports the world's best technology startups. FundersClub created the first online venture capital platform and invests starting at Seed, following on through Growth. The portfolio includes Coinbase, Instacart, Webflow, GitLab, Flexport, Rippling, and other category-defining companies.
  • Double Robotics (s2012)Active • 11 employees • Burlingame, CA, USA
    Double Robotics is the creator of Double, the world’s leading telepresence robot. We help telecommuters feel more connected to their colleagues by giving them a physical presence wherever they need to be. Having your own Double in the office means you can be free to roam around anywhere without scheduling a call or meeting. Double takes everything you love about video calls on an iPad and places that on a mobile base that puts the remote worker in control. By combining cutting edge technology with an intuitive, elegant design, Double is the ultimate tool for telecommuters. Our mission is to connect the world through remote experiences. http://www.doublerobotics.com info@doublerobotics.com
  • WorkFlowy (s2010)Active • 4 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    WorkFlowy is a tool for organizing your brain. It provides a powerful interface for hierarchical lists. People use it as a replacement for text editors and spreadsheets as organizational tools. They leave it open all day and put whatever passes through their brain in it - project plans, to-do's, meeting notes, brainstorms, etc..
  • EasyPost
    EasyPost (s2013)Active • 51 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    EasyPost is the missing API that makes it quick and painless to integrate shipping into your application. Some of the biggest names in retail rely on EasyPost to ship faster, smarter and cheaper. We manage the headaches involved with dated carrier technology so our customers can focus on what makes their business great. Integrate once with EasyPost and seamlessly add carriers, generate shipping labels, track packages in near real-time and insure your shipments. EasyPost is growing fast! Check out our jobs page and join the excitement: https://www.easypost.com/jobs
  • Protocol Labs
    Protocol Labs (s2014)Active • 130 employees • Palo Alto, CA, USA
    Protocol Labs is an open-source research, development, and deployment laboratory. Our projects include IPFS, Filecoin, libp2p, and many more. We aim to make human existence orders of magnitude better through technology. Some of our projects. IPFS makes the web work peer-to-peer. IPFS is a protocol for storing, addressing, and transferring data, designed to replace HTTP in many contexts. IPFS uses content-addressing to uniquely identify and link to information. IPFS is one of the leading protocols of Web3, crypto, and the decentralized web movements. IPFS serves millions of end users and tens of thousands of developers. It powers the websites and applications of small startups, large enterprises, and even blockchains. Filecoin is a decentralized storage network, designed to store humanity's most important information. Filecoin is a cryptocurrency incentivized decentralized market, where storage providers earn filecoin tokens for renting out storage space. (Think airbnb for cloud storage). Filecoin is one of the leading projects in the cryptocurrency/blockchain space.
  • InfluxData
    InfluxData (w2013)Active • 210 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    InfluxData, the creators of InfluxDB, delivers a modern Open Source Platform built from the ground up for analyzing metrics and events (time series data) for DevOps and IoT applications. Whether the data comes from humans, sensors, or machines, InfluxData empowers developers to build next-generation monitoring, analytics, and IoT applications faster, easier, and to scale delivering real business value quickly. Based in San Francisco, InfluxData customers include Autodesk, Cisco, eBay, and Coupa. Visit https://www.influxdata.com.
  • LeadGenius (s2011)Active • 50 employees • Berkeley, CA, USA
    LeadGenius is the most efficient way to equip sales and marketing teams with custom B2B lead data at scale. Our data experts conduct ongoing research to automatically supply teams with accurate contact information and hard-to-acquire data points for your most valuable buyer personas. By combining a remote global workforce, custom data, and machine learning, LeadGenius delivers the highest lead generation value in the marketplace.
  • Apollo
    Apollo (s2011)Active • 200 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Apollo GraphQL is the leader in open source and commercial GraphQL technologies. Apollo’s open-source GraphQL client, server, and gateway are downloaded more than 17M times per month and used in production by over 30% of the Fortune 500. Customers like Walmart, Expedia, Glassdoor, Audi, and PayPal, use the Apollo Graph Platform to unify their GraphQL efforts, collaborate on graph development, and safely iterate on their graphs. Based in San Francisco, Apollo is backed by Insight Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, Matrix Partners, Trinity Ventures, Y Combinator and individual investors.
  • Theorem
    Theorem (w2014)Active • 34 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Theorem conducts independent underwriting of consumer loans originated by banks, credit cards companies and other lenders. We utilize this information to manage institutional capital and securitize loans
  • Immunity Project (w2014)Active • 11 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    We're developing a free vaccine to cure HIV and AIDs. Immunity Project is a non-profit initiative dedicated to developing an HIV vaccine. We hacked the HIV life cycle to develop a vaccine that gives you the same power as HIV controllers. With success in our clinical trials, our goal is to give our vaccine away to the world for free.
  • Medmonk (w2012)Active • 2 employees • Milpitas, CA 95035, USA
    Medmonk is a technology platform that helps fight non-adherence. It enables pharmacists to provide financial assistance to patients who are unable to pay for their medications. We partner with pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, physicians, and health plans to improve outcomes by promoting access to chronic therapy. Medmonk is based on the premise that it's in everyone's best interest for medications to be used regardless of price. Patients get the care they need, insurers are protected against larger claims, and pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies get maximum use of their medications.
  • MBX
    MBX (w2014)Active • 150 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    MBX (formerly Memebox) is a multi-brand beauty and personal care startup headquartered in San Francisco. The venture-backed company has raised over $190M in funding from prominent investors, including Formation 8 & Group, Goodwater Capital, Johnson & Johnson, Pear VC, Y Combinator, and other Silicon Valley VCs. Memebox operates a portfolio of beauty and personal care brands that are co-developed with strategic partners like Sephora and Ulta, using data-driven insights to identify white space opportunities in the market. The company’s products are made in Korea, leveraging the latest K-beauty innovations in the formula, packaging, and speed-to-market. MBX has offices in San Francisco, Seoul, Shanghai, and Taipei, and its brands include Kaja, I Dew Care, Pony Effect, I’m Meme, and Nooni.
  • MixRank
    MixRank (s2011)Active • 31 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    MixRank processes petabytes of data every month from web crawls, Google Play Store, Apple App Store, social media, and dozens of other sources. We have hundreds of customers using our data products including Google, Amazon, Facebook, Intel, and Adobe, across industries Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Security.
  • Medigram (w2012)Active • 11 employees • Los Gatos, CA, USA
    Have you ever wondered why it's so hard for physicians to communicate quickly and why the leading cause of preventable death is still a delay in communication? Our team has built the solution for this. Medigram is a team of tier 1 health system CxO IT executives, technologists, SaaS exec, physicians, engineers, and data experts. We have developed a breakthrough service for the medical industry to save lives and for hospitals to make millions per year. Medigram instantly flags insights from clinician chats for immediate insight into hospital operations and patient care. This reduces critical response times by 50%. We've designed this system to provide instant, reliable messaging (including images and audio files) across very complicated network environments in hospitals. Medigram is secure, designed for HIPAA, and a full stack system which includes database back end, middleware, logic, and client apps for iOS, Android, desktop, and the web. Our solution to this is Mobile Intelligence For Healthcare by providing a secure, intelligent workflow management platform for the patient care ecosystem and medical professionals. Within the healthcare environment, you have physicians, the patient care team, EMR, workflow, data, and administration which needs to be tied together with intelligence through Medigram.
  • HackerRank
    HackerRank (s2011)Active • 300 employees • Mountain View, CA, USA
    HackerRank, the developer skills company, helps businesses attract, evaluate and hire the best technical talent from around the world. More than 2,800 customers across all industries, including over 25% of the Fortune 100, rely on HackerRank to raise their hiring bars. More than 18 million developers (approximately 40% of the global developer population) trust HackerRank to learn and showcase their coding skills. Every second, two developers complete a HackerRank code submission, or 185,000 per day.
  • Listia
    Listia (s2009)Active • 6 employees • Santa Clara, CA, USA
    Listia is a new kind of auction marketplace for giving and getting free stuff. Users list items as auctions, and other users bid on these items using credits instead of money. Credits are earned by signing up, giving away stuff, and being an active member.
  • MTailor
    MTailor (s2014)Active • 11 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    MTailor is an ipad or iphone service for men to capture their shirt size dimensions and have tailor made shirts made and delivered.
  • Mth Sense (s2012)Active • 11 employees • San Jose, CA, USA
    mth sense focuses on finding solutions to "blind" ads. mth sense offers its users an audience library to target certain demographics and psychographics.
  • Upwave
    Upwave (s2012)Active • 50 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Upwave is the #1 marketing analytics platform for the world's biggest brand marketers. Upwave's software shows marketers the impact and effectiveness of their brand investments. We use data science and machine learning to answer an age-old question: does brand advertising work? Upwave's enterprise platform is used by the blue-chip marketers like Unilever, Clorox, Verizon, American Express, T-Mobile, Corona, State Farm, Uber, and dozens more. Upwave was launched in Y Combinator and is a fast-growing, post-Series B growth-stage startup. We've raised from leading investors like Uncork Capital, Initialized Capital, Bloomberg Beta, PivotNorth, Industry Ventures, and Conductive Ventures...plus many leading marketing tech Founders & CEOs. The company is based in San Francisco.
  • Instapainting
    Instapainting (w2011)Active • 2 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Instapainting turns any photo (from your phone, Facebook, Instagram, DSLR, the internet) into a hand-painted oil painting on real canvas, for $45 (for 10"x10"), and delivered in less than two weeks. The company is backed by Y Combinator and Start Fund (SV Angel and Yuri Milner). Customers include founder and CEO of Pebble Technology, Eric Migicovsky, and founder and CEO of Apportable, Inc., Collin Jackson.
  • RADAR (w2013)Active • 46 employees • New York, NY, USA
    RADAR is a platform that combines RFID and computer vision to automate and augment retail store processes. Our technology offers unprecedented speed and location accuracy, which allows stores to: 1) Manage inventory efficiently, through automated inventory counts, improved in-store replenishment and instantaneous customer stock checks 2) Eliminate checkout lines altogether through our autonomous checkout tool. 3) Measure all customer-product interactions, giving physical stores the same insight into consumer behavior and product performance as online stores. https://goradar.com
  • OneSignal
    OneSignal (s2011)Active • 150 employees • San Mateo, CA, USA
    OneSignal is the leading omnichannel customer engagement solution, powering personalized customer journeys across mobile and web push notifications, in-app messaging, SMS, and email. Our easy-to-use interface empowers content creators to focus on quality user engagement instead of complex implementation. Our powerful platform enables over a million businesses to deliver 10 billion messages daily and 1 in 7 new apps launches using OneSignal! We support companies in 140 countries, including Zynga, USA Today, Bitcoin.com, Upwork, Tribune, and many more - from startups and small businesses just getting off the ground to established companies communicating with millions of customers.
  • Lingt (s2009)Active • 2 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Lingt empowers teachers to speak more with their students. Create and manage online speaking assignments for use in the classroom.
  • Lollipuff (w2013)Active • 11 employees • Mountain View, CA, USA
    Lollipuff is the only online auction site that pre-screens each and every item to guarantee the authenticity of its high-end, pre-owned designer apparel and accessories. Buyers can be confident they're getting the real deal, and sellers never have to worry about listing their luxury pieces alongside counterfeits. Combining the buyer security of an upscale boutique with the amazing prices of an online auction, Lollipuff is the go-to site for authentic, affordable and on-trend designer fashion.
  • Videopixie (s2011)Active • 11 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Videopixie is a marketplace for video production that allows users to have great video on the website, such as promotional videos and etc. Videopixie is a marketplace where you can hire the world’s best video professionals at a range of price points, to fit any budget. Retailers use Videopixie to make weekly product videos. Game companies use Videopixie to make trailers, using in-game footage, to air on national TV. Newly-weds use Videopixie to edit their five hours of ‘big-day’ footage into a five minute keepsake for life.
  • One Degree
    One Degree (w2014)Active • 14 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    One Degree is a technology driven nonprofit organization that helps individuals and families access the resources they need to improve their lives and achieve social and economic mobility. One Degree's mission is to empower people to create a path out of poverty for themselves and for their communities. Our core product is a web and mobile platform makes it easy for low-income families to find, manage, and review nonprofit and government services. Our platform has become the go-to tool for help-seekers – and the people who support them, such as case managers and social workers – throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles County in California, and in Gainesville, Florida. We currently operate three major products: the One Degree website and Android and iOS apps. Thousands of people in the Bay Area and Los Angeles rely on One Degree’s website and apps to access health care, food banks, employment services, and much more. We also support communities around the country to start their own One Degree chapters.
  • SingleStore
    SingleStore (w2011)Active • 150 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    MemSQL is The No-Limits DatabaseTM, powering modern applications and analytical systems with a cloud-native, massively scalable architecture for maximum ingest and query performance at the highest concurrency. MemSQL envisions a world where every business can make decisions in real-time and every experience is optimized through data. Global enterprises use the MemSQL distributed database to easily ingest, process, analyze, and act on data in order to thrive in today’s insight-driven economy. MemSQL is optimized to run on any public cloud or on-premises with commodity hardware. Visit www.memsql.com or follow us @memsql. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA with offices in Seattle, WA and Portland OR, MemSQL has raised over $100M from top investors including GV, Accel Partners, and Khosla Ventures, among others. MemSQL is trusted by customers including Uber, Akamai, Dell EMC, Samsung, Comcast, Kellogg, and more. If you want to work at a company that celebrates diversity, innovation, leadership, and creativity every day, check out our openings at https://www.memsql.com/careers/.
  • AnyList (s2010)Active • 2 employees • Missoula, MT, USA
    AnyList is the best way to create and share grocery shopping lists. Easily share a list with your spouse or roommates. List changes show up instantly on everyone’s iOS or Android device.
  • OpenCurriculum
    OpenCurriculum (w2014)Active • Mountain View, CA, USA
    A library of community curated teaching and learning materials, free to the entire world. Come collaborate; we can teach better together. OpenCurriculum, Inc. is a California based technology nonprofit organization with a mission to bring openness and innovation to K12 education around the world
  • PicnicHealth
    PicnicHealth (s2014)Active • 100 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Healthcare needs good data. At PicnicHealth, we are building deep real-world datasets fueling cutting-edge research while giving patients control of their own medical record data. These complete, clinically-rich datasets produce unique insights — across dozens of diseases — to ultimately get the right treatments into patients’ hands faster. We work directly with patients and leverage state of the art machine learning to transform messy medical records into structured, research-ready datasets. To date we’ve helped tens of thousands of patients securely access their records and proactively contribute to advancing research in diseases that impacts their lives.
  • Tumult
    Tumult (w2011)Active • 1 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Tumult Inc. makes the next generation of designer tools to produce beautiful web content.
  • Poll Everywhere
    Poll Everywhere (s2008)Active • 70 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Poll Everywhere turns any presentation into a two-way conversation - directly in your PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slide deck. Participants respond to questions live using mobile phones and the results appear instantly in beautiful, animated displays. Poll Everywhere engages everyone at conferences, town halls, training sessions, marketing events, and everyday meetings. Learn more about how organizations like HP, Volvo, KPMG, and over 75% of the Fortune 500 use Poll Everywhere to get results.
  • SimplyInsured
    SimplyInsured (w2013)Active • 35 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    SimplyInsured was founded with one mission: to eliminate fear from health insurance. By changing the way small business owners purchase health insurance with our 100% online platform, we’re transforming a $20 billion dollar industry and delighting thousands of customers. Our unique values-based culture (and extremely talented team) is our core competitive advantage, and each person on our team makes a direct, immediate impact on our business. We value transparency, feedback, bias to action, growth, and an obligation to dissent. Every opinion is respected, we hold each other to extremely high standards, we’re driven by the diversity in our backgrounds, and unified by 100% alignment on our mission. What’s best for the customer is the heart of everything we do, and our customer stories prove it: by changing health insurance we’re literally saving lives. Based in San Francisco, SimplyInsured was founded in 2012 and is back by Bessemer Venture Partners, Polaris Ventures, and Y-Combinator. If you’re up for the challenge of improving health insurance for millions of Americans, we’re just getting started, and we’re growing!
  • Lob
    Lob (s2013)Active • 150 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Lob provides the building blocks for developers to automate the offline world. Enterprise companies use Lob’s suite of APIs to mail fully dynamic and personalized customer communications with print media. We provide insight into deliverability with piece-by-piece tracing and utilize our proprietary Print Delivery Network to streamline production across fully redundant nodes all over the country. Founded in 2013 and based in San Francisco, Lob is venture backed by Y Combinator, Polaris Partners, Floodgate, and First Round Capital. Find out more about Lob and what we’re up to by following our blog: https://lob.com/blog or visiting our website: https://lob.com.
  • Snapdocs
    Snapdocs (w2014)Active • 285 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Snapdocs powers homeownership. Using technology, we’re building the connective tissue for an entire pillar of the U.S. economy: residential real estate. Today, we’re working to perfect mortgage closings, but that’s only the beginning. If we succeed, more than five million families per year will gain clarity and transparency as they make the biggest financial decision of their lives: buying a home. Before Snapdocs, no one felt responsible or empowered to solve the problems we face every day we come to the office. It's complex and difficult work, and the result is not an app we brag about at tech industry parties. Instead, we're making a difference and carefully building a team that shares our priorities—pragmatism, respect and empathy for our clients, and building honest products that improve all our users’ lives.
  • Pushbullet
    Pushbullet (w2014)Active • 3 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Pushbullet connects your devices, making it easy and automatic to share almost anything between them. Our mission is to bridge the gap between your phone, tablet, and computer, enabling them to work better together. Why is this important? Simple: in the past few years, smartphones and tablets have taken over people's digital lives. Sharing data between them and with computers, however, can be a real pain. We make it easy and automatic.