Workforce planning for global teams

🚀 Build a more efficient org and save headcount spend ⚡

Jobs at Agentnoon

$9.6K - $20K
3+ years
$60K - $100K CAD
0.10% - 0.50%
3+ years
$9.6K - $12K
1+ years
$60K - $120K CAD
3+ years
Team Size:7
Location:Toronto, Canada
Group Partner:Michael Seibel

Active Founders

Ali Nawab

building Agentnoon (YC W22) prev: cofounder @kiwidotai (acquired) @sentiance alum: #ODF4. Booz&Co. Ivey. Deloitte Consulting. FAST-NU 🇨🇦 🇵🇰 please contact me for anything I can help you with via Twitter or LinkedIn

Ali Nawab
Ali Nawab

Dave Y. Kim

CTO at Agentnoon.com (We are hiring!) Previously founding engineer at kiwidotai (acquired), head of mobile then integration lead at Sentiance.

Dave Y. Kim
Dave Y. Kim

Company Launches

👋 Hey YC!

Ali and Dave here, co-founders of Agentnoon (W22).

tl;dr Agentnoon helps you take control of headcount spend

“Agentnoon helps us save money and increase efficiency by accurately tracking headcount spend against approved budget for different roles, regions, and pay scales, as well as comp changes, promotions, and backfills/staff transitions. This lets us reduce overspending while empowering our managers and leaders to make the best decisions within their approved budgets.” CEO, Series B YC startup

Winners reduce overspending while empowering leaders to make the best decisions within their approved budgets. Most companies are oscillating between extremely rapid hiring & surprise firings. Agentnoon simplifies managing headcount budgets, with the following benefits:

  • 💰 saving money with efficient budgets (10%+ savings on headcount budget)
  • ⌛ saving time to fix & visualize laggy data (5+ hours a week)
  • 😡 avoiding surprises like making a verbal offer only to learn that there’s no budget left

😎 What can Agentnoon do?

  • Quick start - import your data and overlay performance & project data on your org chart in <15 minutes
  • Export your org chart in one click for Board decks
  • Track all of your people spend by department to ensure you stay on budget
  • Design team structure scenarios (using drag & drop) with burn rate estimates to plan headcount
  • Translate scenarios into hiring plans in one click that your talent team can fulfill

🤔 How does it do that?

  • Integrates with Google Sheets / spreadsheets if you want to quickly onboard in <15 minutes
  • Integrates with 30+ HRIS, ATS, PMO systems to provide you with real time people data
  • Maintains strict confidentiality and access controls so only the right people view the right data
  • NPS > 9.5 across our customers who ❤️ our customer support

👍 Who is it for & how can I use it?

This is not “just an HR” tool. We built this for founders & exec teams. You can schedule a demo at https://agentnoon.com/ or contact us at founders@agentnoon.com

📽 One minute demo: https://tinyurl.com/bdcmwh4f

We’re excited to re-launch Agentnoon after working with our first 16 customers. After our launch, YC community members became our sales people within their organizations, and helped us drive $200K in ARR.

Thanks a lot,

Ali & Dave