Albiware Inc.

Albiware Inc.

B2B SaaS for insurance damage repair contractors.

Albiware (Albi) is a B2B SaaS solution for the $100B+ insurance damage repair industry. Albi provides an all-in-one platform for damage repair contractors to manage all aspects of their business including: CRM, project management, field documentation, scheduling, BI, marketing automation, communication, HR management, and much more. Albi is built by contractors who felt the pain that lack of technology brought and set out on a mission to build a SaaS that all insurance damage repair contractors want. Albi helps their customers reduce claims friction between them and the insurance company by providing tools to seamlessly document the work that was performed at projects. Albi helps users sync their communication company-wide through email, text, and phone directly in the platform. Albi helps contractors get paid faster by streamlining the process of a project from first call to completion. Albi also helps their customers make better business decisions through their BI tool with customizable reporting.

Jobs at Albiware Inc.

Downers Grove, IL
$70K - $150K
3+ years
Albiware Inc.
Team Size:12
Location:Downers Grove, IL
Group Partner:Jared Friedman

Active Founders

Alex Duta

Alex Duta is a serial entrepreneur and second time founder. He scaled a fire and water restoration company from his dad's garage to over 8 figures. Now he's working on a software startup (Albiware) that makes innovative technology simple and accessible to the home service market.

Shamoil Soni

Shamoil Soni
Shamoil Soni
Albiware Inc.

Company Launches

The problem: Technology in the damage repair space (think 🌪 🔥 💦 🏠 😢 ) is very limited (FileMaker pro apps and Microsoft Access databases 🙄). This is hindering damage repair contractors’ ability to scale their businesses.

The solution: An all-in-one CRM, project management, field documentation, scheduling, BI, marketing automation, communication, HR management, and communication, designed specifically for damage repair contractors. This helps empower contractors with tools to better document their jobs (no more digital cameras, paper napkin sketches, redundant data entry), impress their customers (automated texts, emails, and surveys), reduce claims friction (arguments between contractor and insurance company), and allows them to scale faster!

How we came up with this: One of our founders (Alex) grew a restoration company from his dad’s garage to over 8 figures. He painfully attempted to do so utilizing the clunky technology on the market, and was convinced there had to be a better way. He partnered with Shamoil, a long-time friend and senior software engineer at a Med Tech startup, and together they built Albi!


If you know anyone we could synergize with, we’d love to talk! Any other company in the Prop Tech and Insurtech areas would be a great fit! Also, any feedback on how we explained our niche from an outsider’s point of view would also be amazing! Directors@Albiware.com