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Why you should join Amal Invest

Everyone knows the way to growing your wealth in investing long-term. So why are we all still using trading apps?

Robinhood + friends make money when you trade — so they gamify the experience, flood you with streams of notifications, and do everything to get you to "place your bets".

Regular trading not exciting enough? Try Options! CFDs! Margin!

Ehh, no thanks.

Amal's the anti-Robinhood. It's an investing solution built for the kind of guy that doesn't want to spend their life staring at a screen. The kind of investor that has other things to do — like, besides analyzing charts, YOLO'ing their kid's college tuition or chasing the next fad.

Oh, and we're building it for Muslims. That means we support the things you'd expect like Halal Screening and Zakat calculation — but also some delightful things ✨ you don't expect!

Amal Invest
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Location:Manama, Bahrain
Yazin Alirhayim
Yazin Alirhayim