ApolloShield is a system that detects unwanted drones and drives them…

Detect and safely block unwanted drone intrusions. Track down and arrest unauthorized operators. Developed by experts from Israel Defense Forces and currently serving more than 25 countries, ApolloShield is the world leader in detecting and blocking drone intrusions, as well as tracking down and arresting unauthorized drone operators.

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Location:Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Gilad Beeri
Gilad Beeri

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AirFence detects &safely intercepts hostile drones

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AirFence is the only product in the world that detects and safely intercepts hostile/intruding drones with absolutely ZERO environmental harm - neither physical nor electronic.

Developed by veterans of cyber intelligence unit 8200, AirFence scans the radio spectrum to detect all drone telemetry and control channels in its range. A sophisticated “universal remote control” technology is then used to transmit safe landing commands with surgical precision to the drones found to be hostile, and only to them.