Argon AI, Inc.

AI for Pharma Intelligence

Argon AI is a platform where biopharma and life sciences professionals can execute complex and data driven workflows using natural language. We help professionals get thorough answers to questions about clinical trials, existing treatments, healthcare landscape, and the competitive market in minutes rather than months. Prior to starting Argon, Samy was responsible for Flatiron Health’s (Roche) first data analytics project which eventually led to the start of the Flatiron Services business unit. There, he saw first-hand the heavily manual process that biopharma companies struggle through to get the insights they need to drive forward their drug development programs. He also helped close over $6M+ in ARR and is an expert in enterprise pharma sales. Cyrus previously led engineering teams and built 0 to 1 across pre-seed and unicorn startups, managed mission-critical trade generation systems at Bridgewater, and held AI advisory roles at various startups. Cyrus has a duel degree in EE and CS from USC. Breakthroughs in AI present an opportunity to reinvent biopharma and life science workflows to reduce the time and cost of bringing treatments to patients where delays in bringing a drug to market can cost a pharma company $3M / day.

Argon AI, Inc.
Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Surbhi Sarna

Active Founders

Samy Danesh

Prior to Argon, I worked at Flatiron Health (Roche) where I led the company's first Analytics Services pilot with a large biopharma. This eventually turned into a business unit, where I saw the highly manual approach to insights generation across drug development. At Flatiron I was responsible for $6M+ ARR in enterprise sales. I am a lawyer by training (JD at Univ. of Washington) and prior to law school I started my career at Amazon.

Cyrus Jia

Prior to Argon, I led 0 to 1 engineering teams at Gopuff and Bandit (acq by Gopuff), built trade generation systems at Bridgewater, and worked on AI engineering and NLP pipelines at IBM Research. I hold dual degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from USC.

Company Launches


Our platform is built on a proprietary database across sources including equity research, publications, SEC, FDA, clinical trials, and the latest news. Argon AI outputs thorough and complete insights across topics including therapeutic areas, indications, interventions, and companies.

Book a call to learn more. Top Life Science consulting firms and pharma companies use us today to automate their grunt work and free teams to focus on high-value strategy and execution.

The problem

Tedious and repetitive workflows: generating key insights for drug development is a highly manual and repetitive task that requires searching across a highly fragmented number of sources, summarizing information, formatting tables/charts, and a number of other tasks. Keeping the output of these workflows up-to-date requires manual data screening and updating.

Existing workflows are not keeping up with demand: at the same time, the amount of healthcare data, the number of drug development programs, and biological complexity is growing exponentially. This only exacerbates the problem, leading to a rise in prices and lower quality and speed.

Argon AI - Solution

We automate the grunt work to free up professionals to focus on strategy and execution! Argon is an AI-first platform that automates the process of aggregating, synthesizing, and generating insights to save teams time and money.

Our products allow teams to quickly find all relevant clinical trials, companies, and therapies for their research. Customers today use Argon for indication selection, competitive intelligence, clinical intelligence, and more.

→ Quickly find relevant clinical trials

→ Or ask a quick question about pharma-specific topics and get answers that outperform general LLMs or search engines.

→ You can easily save the relevant data you find into your Notebook for further analysis and collaboration with teammates!

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Our team has experienced the insights problem and current solutions firsthand. We are bringing our diverse backgrounds across biopharma, ML research, and engineering together to dramatically reduce the cost and barriers of bringing life-saving therapies to market.

Argon is founded by Samy Danesh, Frances Liu, and Cyrus Jia (left to right).