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Athens Research

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Open-Source Roam Research

Open-Source Roam Research. A private, extensible, and community-driven knowledge graph for notetaking, research, and documentation for both individuals and enterprises.

Jobs at Athens Research

$80k - $120k
0.50% - 5.00%
Any (new grads ok)
Athens Research
Team Size:1
Location:San Francisco

Active Founders

Jeff Tang

I started Athens after interviewing at Roam in March of 2020. I believed knowledge graphs and bidirectional links were going to change the way we use computers and the internet. But I got rejected because I didn't have Clojure experience. I still wanted to work on this technology I loved. I believed everyone else should also have that right — to extend and own their second brains. Open Source was the only option. Now, I have no doubt OSS will lead to the best product, platform, and community.