Atomic Industries

The world's first AI powered tool and die maker

General Engineering Applicant

$95K - $225K
Detroit, MI, US / Cleveland, OH, US / Los Angeles, CA, US / Remote (US)
Job Type
3+ years
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About the role

Atomic currently offers a challenging environment for engineers from computational geometry/meshing/CFD, to physical HPC + ML problems. We're excited to break down barriers of traditional physics solvers using deep learning and other advanced methodologies. We're highly focused on a single application and value chain, so we're not recreating the wheel in terms of making broad platforms for users. We're actually doing the opposite, creating a computational API that places humans in the back seat. You'll be working on problems that fundamentally move the field of human creativity and design forward.

About Atomic Industries

Atomic is automating tool and die making, a critical bottleneck in how goods are manufactured. Our mission is to transform the tribal knowledge of tool and die makers into software that powers new systems which are orders of magnitude more productive.

Atomic Industries
Team Size:25
Location:Detroit, MI
Aaron Slodov
Aaron Slodov