The digital robot that does your repetitive work — for $1/hour

Jobs at Autotab

New York, NY, US
$130K - $180K
0.50% - 2.49%
3+ years

Why you should join Autotab

If AGI is going to 100x GDP, it will need to be able to use a computer.

Autotab is the first digital robot that controls a computer like a human. It excels at the highly repetitive tasks that make up the worst parts of modern knowledge work. If we succeed, we will provide the platform that unlocks the next 100x productivity increase, and frees humans from trillions of hours of soul-crushing work.

We are second time founders backed by OpenAI and YCombinator. We are live in production and are working with some of the biggest companies you use every day to handle critical tasks that humans used to do. We’re rapidly scaling up to meet demand, and building a 5-person founding team where everyone builds product and talks to users.

Team Size:2
Jonas Nelle
Jonas Nelle