Cost & Profitability Intelligence for Modern Finance Teams

Bilanc is building unit economics & profitability intelligence. Bilanc accurately calculate each customer's profitability, by combining financial data from your GL with customer interactions from engineering events. We assign costs precisely to every single event, and unlock a level of detail previously unavailable to Finance teams. Finance teams use Bilanc to optimise pricing, product, and marketing decisions, driven by insights from Bilanc.

Team Size:2
Location:London, United Kingdom
Group Partner:Nicolas Dessaigne

Active Founders

Samuel Akinwunmi

Founder & CEO of Bilanc (YC W24). Love cats, music, and ledgers.

Samuel Akinwunmi
Samuel Akinwunmi

Company Launches


Bilanc enables companies to measure and improve the profitability of each customer, product, team, or feature by assigning a cost to every single event.


❌ Problem

Margins are getting squeezed. Most companies know they are losing money somewhere.

But they don’t know:

  • Who are their most profitable customers?
  • Which cohorts are driving most of the revenue?
  • What features cost the most?
  • Where are they losing money, i.e. which costs are the drivers?
  • Who are they losing money on, i.e. which cohorts of customers drive those losses?

As a result:

  • They lack insights into the fluctuations of variable costs across their customer base.
  • They are unaware of the specific cost associated with each customer action.

Why Does it Matter?

This lack of detailed understanding leads to suboptimal marketing, pricing, business, and resource allocation decisions. Most companies worldwide are unaware of which customers, products, and features influence their costs and profitability.

✅ Solution

Bilanc assigns costs to every customer action. This allows companies to measure costs at a unit level and roll it up at a customer and cohort level. Bilanc also ingests revenue from any billing tool, creating a full P&L at a customer level.

For example, a Fintech business can use Bilanc to automatically map its Customer support, KYC, Fraud, Chargebacks, and Cloud costs by assigning product events to a given cost category.

With Bilanc, companies can answer questions such as:

  • Who are the bottom 15% of profitable customers?
  • What cost drivers can be optimized?
  • Which customer actions drove the margin down last month?
  • Where are the most profitable cohorts (country, marketing channel,…)

⚙️ How it works

  1. Connect your Costs data sources (Accounting Software, Data Warehouse, Cloud Billing)
  2. Connect your product and customer data (CDPs, Segment, or track it directly with the Bilanc SDK)
  3. Bilanc automatically maps events to cost categories and allocates the costs.
  4. Analyze: deep dive into your customer base to understand the most and least performing cohorts.

⚔️ Team

Samuel Akinwunmi built the internal Finance, Growth, and Product analytics platforms at MoonPay.


  • Interested? Reach out to sam@bilanc.co or book a call.
  • We'd love introductions if you know anyone in a Series A+ Fintech/AI/Consumer company.