Palantir for Web3

Blockscope is a Web3 data platform that enables anyone interested in on-chain data to quickly spin up live or historical data pipelines (for blocks, event, transaction, wallets, token, NFTs, etc). Similar to AWS, users have access to variety of managed software services to analyze, interact with or inject captured data into their apps. Our platform is built around the core idea of off-loading the on-chain data that our customers need for their Web3 apps, and reliably storing them for quick access/use. We offer products on top of the core data we index for our customers. Some of these services are contract analytics, wallet profiling, events & transactions database as a service, push notifications, webhooks, and developer tools. Our mission is to enable everyone to easily access and consume on-chain data!

Team Size:4
Location:New York

Active Founders

Adit Patel

Adit Patel is a cofounder & CEO at Blockscope. After building multiple projects in the Web3 space, it was abundantly clear to us that interacting with on-chain data is an unnecessarily complex process. We are building out a Web3 Data Platform that enables all types of individuals, developers, portfolio managers, institutions or even crypto newcomers to capture, analyze and understand any on-chain data! Easy to use crypto tools for all.

Adit Patel
Adit Patel

Maharshi Patel

Maharshi is a software engineer at Blockscope.

Maharshi Patel
Maharshi Patel

Company Launches

What is Blockscope?

Blockscope is a data platform with easy to use tools for the most common use cases in web3 like monitoring for on-chain events, crypto forensics, data indexing, investigations, building dapps & more! Blockscope is used by crypto users, trading firms, web3 startups and institutions.

❌ Problem:

Web3 has a usability problem, currently any interaction is complex and fragmented. For simple things like getting alerted when money moves to your wallet or understanding what happened in a transaction, it’s like you need a degree in cryptography. As developers, traders, and researchers who faced these issues, we realized that without better tools, web3 adoption will not take off. This is precisely the problem we’re solving.

✅ Solution:

At Blockscope we’ve built a suite of tools that work together to help you understand on-chain data in useful ways and take action. All of our tools help do one of the following:

  • Save engineering hours for developers
  • Make on-chain data readable and understandable
  • Enable traders to take informed actions
  • Help monitor & fight against scams, fraud and hacks
  • Empower new comers and non-technical individuals

Tools currently available on Blockscope:

💪 Some of our products:

✔️ Data Delivery Pipeline Tool - Index blockchain data and deliver anywhere in real-time!


✔️ Watchtower Tool - No-code tool to monitor, capture and send alerts based on specific on-chain activity set by users

✔️ Tracer Tool - Track funds moving into and out of different wallets

✔️ Transaction Decoder Tool - Decode all data in any transaction and understand what is going on! ex: a Flash Loan attack and addresses involved

🚀 Use Cases:

👋 Our Ask: