We use robots to build houses.

Computer Vision and Optimization Engineer

$90K - $130K
Durham, NC, US
Job Type
1+ years
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Barrett Ames
Barrett Ames

About the role

What does BotBuilt do?

We build robots that build homes.

We collaborate with traditional home builders to enhance their construction process through speed, safety, and precision. Having already delivered framing components for multiple houses, our innovative building method is driven by a versatile team made of experts in robotics, computer vision, optimization, mechanical design, pcb layout, and algorithm design.

What you'll do at BotBuilt

  • Design, implement, and optimize CV models.
  • Setup MLOps pipeline for continuous improvement of CV models.
  • Meet with contractors and understand their needs.
  • Develop optimizations that apply to important aspects of the construction industry.

Your qualifications

We seek a dedicated and innovative software engineer with 3-5 years of experience to expand our capabilities.

  • Proficiency in Python is crucial.
  • Demonstrated skill in Computer Vision, and/or Optimization.
  • Knowledge of C++ is advantageous.
  • Experience deploying Computer Vision models is preferred.
  • Experience with Operations Research is a plus.

Your role will encompass both pure Computer Vision projects, and cross-functional projects that involve integration with hardware teams. You'll own an important part of the technology stack that enables the robots to build the homes of tomorrow.

Company Perks

  • Competitive compensation and equity options.
  • Comprehensive health, vision, and dental insurance for you and dependents.
  • Inclusive 401(k) match.
  • Generous PTO flexibility.
  • Daily catered lunches and an array of snacks.
  • Access to our company gym.

The BotBuilt Team

Our team is a distinguished collective of experts, including alumni engineers from NASA, veterans of the U.S. Special Operations Forces, and doctorates in Robotics and Civil Engineering. Bound by a shared mission, we harness advanced technology to address the critical challenge of housing shortages. Our unique blend of experience and passion positions us at the forefront of innovation in this field, poised to make significant impact.

Where to Apply

Please apply on our Rippling board:

About BotBuilt

BotBuilt is creating flexible robotic systems to solve the housing crisis. Our cutting-edge software and cost-efficient hardware allow us to improve the world by providing beautiful construction, safer job sites, and sustainable building techniques. The $600 billion residential construction industry is facing a massive labor shortage. Our robotic systems leverage the latest in rapid prototyping, artificial intelligence, and computer vision. By taking on some of the hardest technical challenges on earth, BotBuilt is ready to help solve one of society’s biggest problems.

Team Size:8
Location:Durham, NC
Barrett Ames
Barrett Ames
Colin Devine
Colin Devine
Brent Wadas
Brent Wadas