AI that replaces human QAs for mobile app testing

CamelQA creates, maintains, and runs your app tests for you. CamelQA is an AI QA agent that can conduct end-to-end testing of mobile apps. We convert natural language test cases into tests that run on iOS and Android devices in our device farm, making the QA process easier and more reliable.

Team Size:3
Location:Austin, TX
Group Partner:Tom Blomfield

Active Founders

Illiana Reed

Co-founder and CEO @ camelQA (Creating an AI that can test your software, so you don't have to). Prior to founding camelQA, Illiana was an indie developer and a PM at Google, Nabis (YC W19), and Capital One.

Illiana Reed
Illiana Reed

Isabella Reed

Greetings from Austin, TX! I'm the COO & Co-Founder of CamelQA. Previously, I fine-tuned my skills as an engineer at MathWorks, a consultant at PTC, and a jack-of-all-trades sales enthusiast at the innovative startup, Specright. My passion lies in revenue operations, crafting scalable, customer-obsessed sales teams.

Isabella Reed
Isabella Reed

Miguel Salinas

Teaching AI how to find bugs in your iOS apps. Shipping iOS apps for 14 years. Worked on Foundation and WebKit frameworks at Apple.

Miguel Salinas
Miguel Salinas

Company Launches

📝 tl;dr

  • 🤖 camelQA leverages LLMs to run end-to-end testing on mobile applications with just the app binary and test cases in natural language
  • 🪲 Upon finding a bug camelQA sends you a screen recording, logs, and repro scripts
  • 📲 Try camelQA by signing up through our website

❌ The Problem

Despite today’s QA tooling, it’s common for bugs to reach production, resulting in defect tickets clogging the engineering backlog. One bug causes another, and suddenly new feature development is put on pause.

  • Fragile Automation Solutions: Current automation solutions rely on things like element IDs that can change unexpectedly, requiring continuous maintenance.
  • Burden on Engineers and PMs: Automation and no-code testing shifts the QA responsibility onto engineers or product managers, diverting their focus from core development tasks.
  • Prohibitive Cost of Full QA Teams: Hiring a complete in-house QA team can be cost-prohibitive for many organizations.
  • Challenges with Offshore Teams: While offshore QA teams are more affordable, they often require extensive handholding and coordination across different time zones.

✨ Our Solution

camelQA, your AI teammate for end-to-end mobile app testing, simplifies QA without requiring your source code. Just upload test cases in natural language and your app binary, and camelQA generates the right interactions to test your app.

Testing occurs on a device in our device farm. Here’s a snippet of camelQA booking an Airbnb given only the goal “Use the Airbnb app to book a stay in Sonoma from Nov 29 - 30 for any number of guests.”

When a bug is detected, detailed documentation is created, including a screen recording, logs, and reproduction scripts. Integrate camelQA with your preferred bug-tracking tool, like Jira, and receive the documentation as soon as it’s created.

Watch our full demo here!

🔮 Future features

  • Automatic test case creation
  • bug patch recommendations
  • Web-based application testing

🐪 Who we are

We're Illiana, Miguel and Isabella from camelQA and we are building a fleet of autonomous agents capable of performing end-to-end QA testing on your mobile applications.

🙌 Our Asks

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