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Bruno Jacob

Brazilian, techno-optimist, ML engineer from UChicago. Building in fintech.

Bruno Jacob
Bruno Jacob

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Hey everyone! We’re Bruno, Dylan, and Jakub from Supercool.


Supercool allows institutions and developers to automate, create, and manage digital assets. Supercool offers two main products: the tokenization and the automation engine.

With Supercool’s tokenization engine, companies can securely manage the full token lifecycle for minting, burning, and token transfers programmatically — full web3 benefits with none of the hassle.

With Supercool’s automation engine, companies can automate their smart contract and give their users seamless onboarding and frictionless UX with a maximally reliable meta-transaction infrastructure.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Who is it for?

Are you a financial institution looking to securitize and digitize assets by bringing them onto the blockchain and leveraging DeFi products and liquidity? Are you a web3 company that wants to automate blockchain transactions and eliminate the human-in-the-loop without having to worry about transaction infrastructure that is not core to your business?

Then Supercool is for you.

💡 How does it work?


It’s simple! All you have to bring are the assets you want to tokenize and we take care of the rest. Supercool gives you a turnkey solution to manage the full token lifecycle: minting, burning, and token transfers. You can set custom monitoring rules to track token ownership and usage. If you want to launch your token natively on multiple blockchains, we make it easy for you to do that across all EVM compatible chains (Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism, etc…).

Transaction Automation

We provide a simple and secure RESTful API to handle all the complicated and time-consuming parts of transaction creation and management (ex. nonce management, secret key storage, gas price estimation, transaction retries, network error handling, etc…). With Supercool, you can set up transaction automations that run on a schedule or in response to on-chain or off-chain triggers/events.

💪 Why we built Supercool!

First, why are we still here?! After all the crypto scams and government crackdown on crypto, we’re still building in web3 because we believe it’s the ownership layer of the internet and has the potential to bring major efficiencies to traditional systems and more financial freedom to people.

Why build Supercool? We’ve built Supercool because we believe that:

  • most web3 transactions should be automated and web3 UX should be frictionless.
  • more assets should exist on-chain and inherit the benefits blockchain has to offer (composability, traceability, transactability, ownership, trustlessness, etc…).
  • building in web3 should be simple.

🚩 Common use cases for Supercool

  • Automation Engine
    • Auto-executing trading strategies: limit orders, stop loss orders, etc
    • Gasless checkout
    • Cross-chain asset bridging
    • Batched transactions for frictionless dapp experiences
    • Updating on-chain oracle with external data
    • Run transactions on a schedule
    • Auto-funding treasury wallets
    • Scheduled Airdrops
    • Time-base payouts
    • Automated token swaps
  • Tokenization Engine
    • Stable coins: Tokenization of fiat currencies backed 1:1 with deposits
    • Equity securities: Tokenization of shares for annual dividend
    • Tokenization of alternative assets: Tokenization of gold and other metals, carbon credits, etc...
    • Debt securities: Tokenization of corporate debt

🙏 Ask

  • If you are building in web3 or want to incorporate digital assets in your company in some way, we would love to chat! Please email me at bruno@supercool.xyz.
  • Please connect us to web3 and/or financial institutions working with digital assets in your network!
  • Please intro us to any company looking to tokenize assets on the blockchain!

💥 The Deal

Sign up before July 15th to get 50% off in the first year!

🚨 Sign up!

Book a demo at supercool.xyz or email me at bruno@supercool.xyz.

Check our docs here.

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