Robots that build solar farms

Jobs at Charge Robotics

Oakland, CA
3+ years

Why you should join Charge Robotics

Charge Robotics is a YC-backed startup building robots that build large-scale solar farms. Demand for new solar projects is booming (1/5th of all the solar that exists in the US was installed last year!), but today’s construction companies can’t keep up due to limited labor resources.

We thought this was insane, so we started working on robots to directly address this bottleneck and speed up the world’s transition to renewables.

We’re a small, fast moving company which means constant opportunity for learning and growth. You’ll have a large impact on the direction of our company and our product, which will be reflected in significant equity compensation. And you get to play with 🤖 giant robots 🤖.

If you are excited to work on interesting technical problems with direct climate impact, you’re going to fit right in.

Charge Robotics
Team Size:3
Location:Oakland, CA
Banks Hunter
Banks Hunter
Max Justicz
Max Justicz