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Jobs at Codeball

No jobs at Codeball are currently posted on the YC platform.

Why you should join Codeball

At Sturdy we're replacing Git with real-time collaboration in the cloud!

This is a great opportunity to be the first employee at a fast moving startup, funded by Y Combinator! We’re building tech for techies, and naturally really take pride in both the software that we’re writing and the product that we’re building, and hope that you do too!

What we do

We're building the future of how coders like you and me are collaborating on code. With Sturdy developers don't have to fight branches, Pull Requests, or crazy command line arguments to get things done.

We’re in early stages of development, and have just launched our private beta!

Both our founders are ex-Staff Software Engineers and over 10 years of experience each from working as engineers at startups.

We regularly post about tech and product on our blog.

Team Size:3
Location:Stockholm, Sweden