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Problem: Every day in America, we waste 3X more food than there are mouths to feed. Hunger is not a scarcity problem; it's a logistics problem.

Copia’s Solution: For the first time ever, we can effectively donate prepared and highly perishable food to those who need it when they need it most. Copia is a for-profit company that has built technology allowing food donors (e.g., Compass Group, corporate cafeterias, universities, hospitals, grocers, caterers etc.) to easily request pickups of their excess food, have it matched, and safely delivered to non-profits in need.

Copia's platform enables businesses to seamlessly request pickups of their excess food and have it instantly matched and delivered to nonprofits in need. Our unique technology provides data and analytics with actionable insights to dramatically reduce future over-production and over-purchasing.

We provide businesses with the easiest and most effective way to donate their excess food, save money by lowering disposal and overproduction costs, receive tax significant tax savings on donated food, and reduce environmental footprint by keeping food out of landfills. We also provide businesses with photos, recipient testimonials, and PR to engage with their customers and employees - saving food, saving money, saving the environment, and of course, feeding the hungry - everybody wins!

Team Size:20
Location:San Francisco