Datasaur builds a data labeling workforce management platform for NLP.

Datasaur builds intelligent, optimized, human-centric LLM/NLP tools. If you're still using Excel or maintaining your own in-house tools, Datasaur can offer you significant cost-savings and improve the quality of your training data. We provide tools custom-built for power users. Our built-in intelligence helps augment your human labelers and avoid costly mistakes; our workforce management tool allows you to assign projects to and cross-validate the results from multiple labelers to ensure you can train your models with the utmost confidence. I have 10 years of consumer product experience. I'd be happy to help discuss product strategy and gamification. I'd love to get any advice you have to offer on SaaS and enterprise sales.

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Ivan Lee

Ivan serves as the Founder and CEO of Datasaur.ai. Datasaur builds data labeling software for ML teams working on NLP. After graduating from Stanford with a Computer Science degree, Ivan has spent his career working in the machine learning, search and gaming industries. He's driven by building cohesive teams and crafting technological breakthroughs into meaningful user experiences.

Ivan Lee
Ivan Lee

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Over the past decade, I have had the privilege of developing ML products at several companies. My most recent position at Apple involved overseeing the gathering of training data for the team, which required a significant investment of hundreds of millions of dollars. While working on this project, we utilized a range of tools, including spreadsheets, open-source resources, and custom internal tools. Despite the company’s resources, I found myself wishing for a labeling interface that didn't exist - one that would have made the process more efficient and streamlined.It was this realization that led me to create Datasaur, a solution that would address this gap in the market once and for all. Our goal is to provide an intuitive and effective labeling interface that can benefit the broader NLP ecosystem across all industries and languages.

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We create smart and efficient data labeling tools.

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Behind every AI algorithm are vast amounts of human-labeled training examples. Organizing and labeling such data today is tedious, time-consuming and expensive. We started Datasaur to create intelligent, efficient and productive data labeling tools to save companies time and improve labeling quality.