Dost Education

Getting kids ready for school in India.

Dost is an edtech nonprofit building a platform to expand access to early childhood development in low-resource settings through parent education. Our mission is to unlock children's full potential by focusing on early learning - the time when 90% of our brains develop. Our work is currently in India, where 150 million women are considered illiterate and 50% of 5th graders can't read at a 2nd grade level. That's why our team at Dost Education - educators, entrepreneurs, and engineers - are passionate about using technology and user-centric product design to change the trajectory of families' lives.

Sindhuja Jeyabal, CTO

Sindhuja has expertise building digital learning experiences and is passionate about making quality education accessible to everyone. She has worked across user-centered design, product development and engineering at Samsung and Adobe to build engaging digital experiences that make learning fun. Sindhuja received her Masters from UC Berkeley, where she specialized in technology for international development and began building Dost.

Sindhuja Jeyabal
Dost Education

Sneha Sheth, CEO

Sneha is passionate about using entrepreneurship to solve educational inequality in the world. She started Dost while completing her MBA at UC Berkeley. She has experience designing programs for women’s empowerment, financial inclusion and education across the world. In previous roles, she advised clients like Goldman Sachs, the Gates Foundation, Teach For India, and UN Women. She’s a Mulago Rainer Arnhold Fellow and GLG Social Impact Fellow.

Sneha Sheth
Dost Education
What did you love most about working at Dost Education?
Two things I love most about working at dost - Everyone is super motivated and maintain accountability of their work without hierarchy. - Presence of 'Dostness' in the entire team, i.e. friendliness. I feel super close and safe everyone even in a remote setup.
What did you love most about working at Dost Education?
My journey at Dost is the perfect description of purpose-driven work -- I have dealt with challenges, solved crucial problems, and created social impact. Autonomy and innovation are the key tenets of a YC startup, and the last 3.5 years have indeed been the experience of a lifetime.