Go from 3D models to CAD drawings using AI

DraftAid is the world's first generative AI for CAD manufacturing drawings, akin to GitHub Copilot but for CAD. It drastically shortens drawing creation time, turning hours into seconds. Every product that is manufactured - from construction to aerospace, automotive, durable goods, and electronics—relies on drawings. Currently, engineers and designers painstakingly make these essential drawings manually. Draftaid streamlines this process saving teams millions in time and quality. The idea was born out of Abdullah's experience as a mechanical design team member, where he created thousands of drawings and longed for a more efficient process. Partnering with Tahsin, a neighbour with a PhD in AI, and Mohammed, a seasoned engineering VP with experience in construction software, they turned the dream into reality. Since their launch in August, DraftAid has engaged customers through targeted outreach and word-of-mouth, securing paid pilots with subsequent contracts valued at $150,000. Be a part of ushering in the new era of CAD designs!

Jobs at Draftaid

Toronto, ON, CA / Remote
$120K - $200K
0.50% - 2.00%
6+ years
Team Size:3
Location:Toronto, Canada
Group Partner:Tom Blomfield

Active Founders

Mohammed Al-arnawoot

Founder and CEO of DraftaidHe studied Mechatronics engineering at University of Waterloo with a focus on manufacturing systems. Before DraftAid, Mohammed worked as a Director of Engineering at Dozr, a Series B construction tech company. Where he wore many hats building a rockstar engineering team to deliver a new category of product. Before that he was a VP of eng. at Emagin (acquired by Innovyze), where he lead product solution development.

Mohammed Al-arnawoot
Mohammed Al-arnawoot

Abdullah Elqabbany

Abdullah is an electromechanical engineer with years of experience in design and manufacturing. In his last role Abdullah led manufacturing process automation where he worked to bridge the gap between design and manufacturing. Prior to that, he worked as a drafter where he made thousands of CAD drawings shaping Toronto’s skyline. DraftAid is the culmination of years of experiences solving the biggest challenges facing teams trying to go from design to manufacturing as efficiently as possible.

Abdullah Elqabbany
Abdullah Elqabbany

Tahsin Rahman

Cofounder and CTO of Draftaid, Tahsin has a PhD from the University of Toronto in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He has pioneered algorithms and machine learning techniques at the intersection of geometry, wireless communications, and quantum computing. Previously, he led a team of engineers and researchers in developing cyber security AI/ML systems for the Canadian Department of National Defence. Rewind 10 years and you would see him orchestrating instrumentation systems in Oil and Gas.

Tahsin Rahman
Tahsin Rahman

Company Launches


Mechanical engineers and designers dedicate around 40% of their time to the labor-intensive process of converting 3D models into 2D fabrication drawings, crucial for manufacturers. Using DraftAid, teams can automate this process with a single click and:

  • Save considerable time
  • Direct their focus toward more value-added tasks
  • Cut down on drawing errors, preventing expensive manufacturing mistakes

The problem

Modern design teams initiate their design by 3D modeling. To get their design manufactured, they need to make 2D drawings that look something like this:

Making 2D drawings for what’s already been modeled in 3D takes up considerable time and energy. Design teams find themselves stuck investing 40% of their time in this manual task. This causes project delays while keeping talented designers busy doing repetitive tasks.

Like any other repetitive manual task, making drawings can also be quite error-prone. Even with accurate designs, errors often sneak in and are only found when fixing them is an expensive endeavor.

Enter DraftAid:

Our innovation streamlines the drafting process making it as effortless as a single click. Once engineers complete their 3D design, a single click swiftly produces a manufacturing-ready 2D drawing within seconds.

The resulting drawing is entirely editable, allowing engineers to make any necessary adjustments before sending it off for manufacturing.

DraftAid allows teams to slash their current drawing time by up to 90% and eliminate common drawing errors. This not only enhances efficiency but also ensures consistency in drawings throughout the company, improving overall readability.

Meet the Power Trio:

We are Mohammed, Abdullah, and Tahsin, a formidable team with a bond forged over three dynamic years of collaboration.

Before the inception of DraftAid, Mohammed Al-arnawoot’s journey included roles as a software engineer and later as a VP of engineering (@ Emagin, acquired by Innovyze) and a Director (@ Dozr) in several start-ups. Navigating the challenging terrain from pre-seed to Series X.

Abdullah Elqabbany is an electro-mechanical engineer who boasts a career marked by the creation of tens of thousands of drawings. Frustrated by the absence of a suitable drawing automation tool in his last role, he took matters into his own hands and built one from scratch.

Tahsin Rahman is a distinguished PhD graduate from the University of Toronto, who brings a wealth of experience in developing cutting-edge machine-learning solutions. In his previous role, he spearheaded an engineering team within the Canadian National Defence, crafting an AI-powered cybersecurity solution.

Our Ask:

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  • Warm intros to design companies that spend a lot of time making drawings — email us at mohammed@draftaid.io.
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