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Eden Workplace

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People operations and workplace software

Eden Workplace is the complete suite of software to manage the modern hybrid office. Our SaaS offerings include COVID Team Safety, Visitor Management, Desk Reservations, Room Scheduling, Facilities Management, and more.

Eden Workplace
Team Size:55
Location:San Francisco

Active Founders

Joe Du Bey, CEO

Co-founder and CEO at Eden, software for employee management. We offer two main suites today: our people success suite and workplace suite. Our people success suite includes the tools needed to establish for a continuous culture of learning, including 360 performance review software. Our workplace suite includes all the products needed to manage your physical office, including desk booking, room scheduling, visitor management, and more. Prior to Eden, I worked as an investor.

Kyle Wilkinson, CTO

Kyle Wilkinson
Kyle Wilkinson
Eden Workplace

Former Founders

Guy Morita